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  1. I've used the whole we are not coaches line...this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard if they use this line up...I hope the hurry up is behind our recent success! Go Colts!
  2. By quality playing time I mean 5 snaps or so
  3. I think its just special teams cause Booms out...Butt Id like to see him in the next few games get some quality playing time....
  4. They won't give it out until it's a finished...butt it is time to look at the leaders week by week...I hope he gets it...Bob won it on a year he could have lost...
  5. I could be wrong...has anyone done an interview after getting their butt kicked? He shows how a leader responds to adversity...Way to man up and take falt...Watch out titans!
  6. I feel bad now...I haven't been posting for very long...and I used the whole coach spew in a topic I started...and even added gm...I don't want to be that guy...I see how its a cop out...will debate only with substance from now on...
  7. I hope the FL stands for Florida not FOR LIFE...cause if it means for life then it should be ColtsBlueTWL...
  8. I'm sure we will be 19-0...with all single season records in hand...Everything looks easy til you do it...
  9. Lol they def didn't have bad air time so I think if you don't talk about special teams then they did their job...so two phases is totally fair
  10. Because games are about momentum. If you get on the wrong side of it you see what can happen...We haven't lost two games since Luck got here...So when we get beat everyone wants heads to roll and points fingers...If your a fan do as the team does and explain why it happened and move on with the mind set we can beat any team in the Nfl if we show up...We have to play with who we have for the rest of the season...and as men they will be better down the road for games just like yesterday
  11. Its one of the youngest teams...Who said you couldn't post anything? Just don't act like you know how to run a team...,or how you can make a guy catch the ball better...block better...ect...I bet the super bowl year when we gave up 300 plus yards rushing in the last game you thought we would be bounced out first round. Any givin sunday if you don't play well you can get beat...We are two games up playing the titans at home...With all division games at home...I don't think we will win the super bowl...butt I wont say we cant...Look how many wildcard weekend teams have gone on to win the big one...All we have to do is get in...
  12. Lol you fair weather fans are just haters...Why are you not a coach or gm?
  13. By saying we will need it..is by far saying we have it.
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