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  1. I love the Lamar Miller FA pick up as well as SW at center. However, I don't believe Desmond King will be available in the 2nd round. He's considered a fast riser as of now according to most sports analysts. I'd like to take a CB in the first. Either VHIII from Florida if he drops, Mackensie Alexander from Clemson if he drops, and the last option at 18 would be Desmond King if he hasn't been drafted.
  2. You're right. The Peyton Manning colts opponents feared our pass rush with Dwight Freeney and Mathis. Who do we have in Year 4 of the Grigson era on defense that put's fear into the offensive opponents game plan. I'll wait while you research. smh. If Grigson brought in so much talent on both sides of the ball? WHY in the heck are we still facing the same problems.... It's a FACT. Grigson drafts Luck, TY, Allen, and Fleener first year. One hell of a draft. Next year we give up a first round for a bust in Werner, and trade our 1st pick for another bust in Richardson. We get a chance to grab the DT from Texas or maybe Collins the safety from bama and we wiff on that. smh. What do we do instead... Solidify the strongest position on our team WR with Dorsett who would've got picked up in the 2nd. Those types of decisions kills the building up of a team. But go on and blame Pagano for the decisions the GM has made.
  3. I'm firing Grigson. Not one could 1st round pick since Luck. Luck is saving this whole franchise, but he's starting to wear down himself and it's showing. Can't build a team with ferraris and porsche's, gotta start from inside out. Our foundation in the front 7 is just pathetic.
  4. Might as well suck for a top 10 pick for next year .
  5. You just went on to add 2 excuses for Luck lol. Our GM and Coaching sucks. Everything else trickles down from those too. Which explains our horrible player-personnel situation. The game next week against the Jets won't be any easier....
  6. We need Grigson gone like yesterday. This dude just annoys me. And why Pagano wasted those timeouts with 5 min left on the clock.... Why not stop them on 3rd down first... He did the same thing last year.
  7. Harris led Div I in interceptions his junior year. And performed better his senior year by working on his in the box game. Dude is prolly the sleeper safety in this draft. He can cover a wide range, play in the box, and big enough to cover TE's. Reminds me of a smaller Sean Taylor. Yep I said it lol.
  8. Hahaha. TrentPhobia lmaooo. He's a real decisive one cut and gone like the wind type back. Running style similar Arian Foster with the patience but much faster and explosive.
  9. Him and spiller are the same type of back. Now if we got Gordon and spiller that would be a nice package. Because Gordon is bigger with elite speed and has carried the load 25+ at Wisconsin.
  10. Nah. He would lose all his quickness and long speed. He came in to UM near 180's and bulked up to a solid 202-205 his final season. I'd say the latter is his best playing weight because he not only broke many tackles, but also broke a bunch of long runs. Check out this clip. His longest run this past season at 24secs in the clip. http://youtu.be/RncLNuLMl8U
  11. I've watched this kid for 3 years at TheU and in high school at Norland. This dude is a legit beast. He's my 3rd best back behind Gurley and Gordon. Duke is crazy good in the return game also. If it wasn't for his heavy load in the backfield taking on 20+ Touches a game including catches, he would've been on the KR/PR. His lateral quickness is more in line with Shady McCoy. He is quickness is that Elite. And his acceleration/burst is like Darren Sproles. Like OP said, his only downfall is his size and sometimes gets overpowered by bigger LB's/DB's.
  12. My bad didn't see dude post Crocker at 5 also lol.
  13. From North Dakota State John Crocker. Dude is 6' 202 with some speed and solid quickness. Here's the clip. Can't find many of his highlights. But if we don't go early for a back? I like this guy after the 5th in a deep draft.
  14. Resigns from Pitt. Lebeau stated, "Im resigning not retiring." I know our defense has shown up most of the time this year minus the Dallas, NE, Pitt game. Anyone think we take a look outside maybe Lebeau if he's interested. heres the link http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/longtime-defensive-coordinator-dick-lebeau-resigns-from-steelers-215537659.html
  15. Chris Carter Jr would be a really nice pick up for us. Means we dont really have to focus on a WR in the draft. Unless one falls in our lap.
  16. He's a pass rush specialist. Still young and a lot left to learn in the run game defense. Cleveland ran majority of the game and we set the edge most of the game.
  17. Im guessing by your mock draft that we traded back with all those extra picks. The only 2 ? I see is Duke Johnson and Rashard Greene. They'll both be gone before the 3rd round.
  18. Todd Gurley will be taken in the 1st round lol. No way he drops that far cause of a torn ACL. And the way offenses are going more passive every year. Harris will be gone before 58. Might be gone before we draft in the 1st round. He's the most complete safety in the Draft IMO. Also think we'll know our needs after we take our plunge into free agency.
  19. After watching us the past few weeks. We are still way behind on the OLINE. Not sure if we should go 1st round O-Line? J Harrison is a good fit a Center and can hold his own. I think we need to go Right Guard and Right Tackle for sure depending if Grigz makes moves in Free agency. Most glaring need imo is Free Safety. Watched Harris this weekend vs my Miami Hurricanes. And he's a perfect fit for this defense. Best Free Safety in college IMO. Came up and made some impressive open field tackles on Duke Johnson who is just electric one on one. Harris has worked on his tackling the off season and can bring the boom now. He's complete. Might be gone before we get our chance to draft him. The other need is DE or DT.
  20. IMO Kerr and Hughes are better at NT and DT in the 3-4 which is what they primarily play. We need a balanced DE in this draft with some size that can pass rush and stuff the run. But yeah as long as we go defense and OL I think we'll be fine. Wouldn't mind picking up a game breaking back like Duke Johnson if we have the chance (He's the guy on my profile pic) not be biased at all lol.
  21. We need a solid DE to follow behind Cory Redding if we sign him for one more year. Cory would be the perfect mentor for a young rook beast. For DE I like: Oakman at Baylor 6'8 275lbs Mauldin at Louisville 6'4 243lbs Fowler at Florida 6'2 26llbs Armstead at Oregon 6'7 296lbs We might be able to get quality DE's in the 2nd round also.
  22. Obviously Duke Johnson for me. He's got skills and vision you can't teach a running back. He's so complete that espy analyst compare him to a Walter Payton/Barry Sanders mixture for his tough running between tackles and his lateral cuts are unlike anything I've seen at the college level. He reminds me of Shady McCoy but faster and more decisive as a runner. Dude is the triple threat. As a freshmen he led the NCAA in KR and PR avg and touchdowns. He's also got nice hands. Dude is the truth. And the more I watch him, the more I believe he will be the 2nd RB taken off the board behind Todd Gurley. You never know though. This draft of RB's remind me of the time Ricky Williams and our own Edgerrin James came out. Everybody was for sure we were taking Ricky. But we went with the Edge and it turned out great for us. Not that we'll have that type of early pick this year but some team might pull a Edgerrin James in the draft .
  23. Anthony Harris for UVA is a good player. Ball hawk in the back end. Been watching him for a while since he plays my hurricanes every year.
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