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  1. This could be the biggest FA pickup of the year.
  2. You are out of your mind if you think a drafted RB is going to be favoured over Frank Gore. Frank is going to have more than a "mentoring" role; he's going to be the number one running back. This isn't similar to Reggie being Hilton's mentor over the last couple of seasons. Gore is still extremely productive and seems to have plenty left in the tank.
  3. This isn't the time or the place? When would be a suitable time to talk about the Championship Game? After the game sounds about right. A forum dedicated to Indianapolis Colts discussion isn't the place to talk about a Championship Game involving the Indianapolis Colts? Interesting.
  4. It's ridiculous that "being a good football team" is being used as some kind of legitimate excuse for the Pats' actions. "Oh they cheated, but their a heck of a team so hats off to them." If Oakland had done something similar would they be removed from the league or something?
  5. Colts offseason plan should be to avoid the Pats in the playoffs next year.
  6. Or just stop the run. Aside from Sunday's game, the Colts have looked pretty good throwing the ball against the Patriots even with T.Y taken out of the game.
  7. Lol what are you talking about? Dallas are going to let Eddie Lacy run for first downs because they don't want Rogers throwing on 3rd down? You are making no sense whatsoever. Of course you want to make the QB throw, otherwise the opposition will just run for touchdowns over and over. Seriously, think about what you are saying.
  8. Isn't every game plan to make the opposing QB throw? No defensive coach says, "Okay guys, let them run all over us!" Getting a quarterback into 3rd and long is the goal against any team.
  9. I went outside into the garage to laugh at Andy Dalton and grab a packet of my favourite cheese. I made it back home fine, cheers.
  10. Hard to believe the Bengals got to ten wins this year with that pass rush. Fewest sacks in the league this season. Goes to show how good their secondary is.
  11. Well that's simply not true. Steelers-Ravens is always a close call and when Bell was ruled out there was further belief in a Baltimore win.
  12. I doubt Grigson will turn down the chance to resign Reggie. Think back to some of the third option receivers in recent times. Avery, Heyward-Bey, Nicks. I'm sure Wayne will sign a one-year veteran deal if he wants to return.
  13. That's a bizzare point of view. I would say the vast majority of colts fans want him back or want him to retire as a one-team guy. Hoping he returns in another team's uniform is odd.
  14. Hopefully they interview Manusky and Pagano while they're at it.
  15. He said on his radio show that he's good to go. He also said that if he had to guess right now, he will be back next year.
  16. Ehh, that's exactly why yards per carry is the best gauge for performance. If you gain 100 yards, but you do it from 50 carries, that comes out at 2 YPC which is horrible. Sure, you could burst a 50 yard run on your 26th carry, but it's about what you did in the game, not what MIGHT have happened.
  17. I don't think anyone believes this team is better than the '06 squad. Solid thread.
  18. I doubt it. I'm sure they would have preferred a home game against Baltimore.
  19. Bad offensive line No running game against good teams Inconsistent pass rush Inability to stop big running backs Quarterback who turns the ball over often Average to below average coaching staff
  20. If Allen and Hilton are missing it could get a little close. I'll stick with 23-10 Indy.
  21. We'll "have some things to clean up".
  22. Lol Speak for yourself. The Colts players have said how proud they are. 2/3 of the votes comes from players and coaches, and it was those votes that got Vontae voted in. Go ask him if it means nothing.
  23. I got something non-Colts related; a decent offensive line.
  24. I will be happy if they win a playoff game. This team is at the better end of average and will get smashed in New England and beaten in Denver. A wildcard win is a realistic ambition.
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