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  1. Thank you for the explanation. I was doing other things during the game and didn’t realize they went hurry up.
  2. Exactly. We can’t be too hard on the guy. Definitely not as much as some here are doing. But Frank does seem to overthink things sometimes instead of just throwing in the players that make the plays. Was he thinking that since Hines was back there, that the defense wouldn’t expect it up the gut? I want to know the thought process behind it.
  3. Blankenship. G Money. Great first half by TY Hilton and Old Man Rivers.
  4. Thought maybe it was his knee but sounds like maybe a sprained ankle instead.
  5. I’m hoping the Steelers hold on so we can ruin their perfect season. Let’s get the run game going with Castonzo out. Hopefully that will take some of the stress off the O line.
  6. Activated from the COVID 19 list! Hallelujah!
  7. Okay I gotta know what you typed to get this lol
  8. We do not have players missing in our secondary. Absolutely ridiculous.
  9. Dear LORD. How pathetic. The players we are missing are not an excuse for this. I’m sorry.
  10. Ya-Sin needed benched last drive. Goodness gracious that was killer. Fans booing in the stadium.
  11. I will be at the game today. Super excited, even though the ‘rona has hurt our team this week. There is no place like LOS.
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