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  1. Well....at least I have Walking Dead later. Emotion in that stadium is killing us. It's not just the loss of Reggie Wayne. It's the addition of Keenum, the huge TD on the first drive, the blocked punt....Just crazy how well this is going for the Texans lol.
  2. What does it mean for a playbook to be "real"? Really hard? Really awesome? Really wack? Anyway, I like the move! Feeling positive about our future, even if this season doesn't go as well as it would have with Reggie. Our receivers are going to get some big boy experience.
  3. The pass to Richardson vs. SD was one of the few highlights that I took away from that game. He ran with a purpose, breaking one tackle after the next. I also remember thinking that the next few times he ran from the backfield after that, he looked better as well. Getting him involved in the passing game would build his confidence and give Luck another guy that can pick up the tough yardage on 3rd downs. Win win.
  4. I see Luck through rose-colored glasses, so I'd say now. But realistically...3-5 years. I also think Wilson has great potential to be up there as well. And who knows about RG3 at this point...
  5. This team has had to endure so much adversity to get to this point already. The loss of Wayne is a heartbreaker, but I hope he can continue to make a positive impact behind the scenes and on the sideline. If any team can overcome the loss of a star WR, it's the Colts. We already know how dedicated the front office is to winning, I wouldn't be surprised if we traded for a receiver. But I think it is more likely that they use the guys that we already have sitting on the roster. Hopefully this team can once again make a horrible situation into more powerful motivation!
  6. I really just hope Colts can compete well and keep the game competitive. If Peyton puts up 50 points on us and our offense can't hang, it'll just add more fuel to this ridiculous, blown out of proportion fire. I can see the Luck/Manning comparisons already. Win or lose, I am behind the Colts, even if the owner is a bit too outspoken.
  7. 3rd & 1 and we go shotgun pass? Something I just don't get when we try to call ourselves a power running team.
  8. There is a part of me that hopes he gets really confused with all the blue jerseys and tosses up a few INTs to our guys on D lol. No, but seriously...I'd expect nothing less from the Colts organization. Manning's contributions go beyond football, which is why I think it's so important to thank him during his first time back.
  9. This game is living up to all of the hype! Great game!
  10. During the Miami game this year, I was so disappointed with the section I was in. I paid good money for those seats and the guy next to me sat on his phone the whole time and checked his Fantasy League while giving me dirty looks for cheering on my team. Did it deter me? Not at all. But I can't believe some Colts fans go there and sit silently the whole game. Moral of the story, get loud. And if that's not your thing, feel free to give me the game tickets and you can stay at home and sit on your couch to check your fantasy league.
  11. Hmmm....Lucky to say the least. I heard no whistle.
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