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  1. So great JT! My grandma could have gained some yards on that play.
  2. Good half. A lot to build on. I’m not too worried about going for the FG there. We’ve really stunk on 3rd and short.
  3. One thing I’m confident saying - Rivers is playing his butt off.
  4. because we all want to see it again. And again. And again.
  5. even more impressive it was his right nearest hand. CRAZY.
  6. KENNY MO! INT!! One handed. Put it down as the best INT of the season.
  7. If they lose this game, they SHOULD be out of the playoffs, IMO. Inconsistent does not bode well. This is a playoff game for them.
  8. The more time passes, the more I do hope he stays retired. It would bring up so many conflicting emotions if he decided to play again. I would be worried about his next injury that would inevitably happen. Anyway, glad Irsay isn’t delusional about the situation.
  9. Kevin Bowen talked about this on his podcast and the more I think about it, the more I agree. An expensive FA signing is just another bandaid. If we want a winner, year after year, (we all want that, right?) we need to find a cheap rookie QB we can build around. I’d be fine signing Phil for one more year if he’s motivated to play still.
  10. This was my favorite part of this game and the reason I don’t care how close it was. TY had himself a day. He still has it. We need to use him every game. TY fan girl for life over here
  11. Agreed. Just know I’ve seen them do stuff like that before. And we were technically ahead. Either way, no way Watson gave up that fumble on purpose.
  12. Sometimes they do a “if things stay the same as they are right now” and throw up a graphic. Could that be it?
  13. Thank you for the explanation. I was doing other things during the game and didn’t realize they went hurry up.
  14. Exactly. We can’t be too hard on the guy. Definitely not as much as some here are doing. But Frank does seem to overthink things sometimes instead of just throwing in the players that make the plays. Was he thinking that since Hines was back there, that the defense wouldn’t expect it up the gut? I want to know the thought process behind it.
  15. Blankenship. G Money. Great first half by TY Hilton and Old Man Rivers.
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