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  1. I had this game circled at the beginning of the season. I didn’t care if we were 1-13 heading into this game, we need to get over the Steelers hump. Now add the context of the season, this one is massive. I don’t care how - Colts win.
  2. He looks like a completely different runner the last few weeks. I judged him early, but to write off a rookie or pass concrete judgement is silly. If he keeps running like he is and we don’t get blown out by the Steelers, he should get 1000 yards.
  3. I missed the second half d/t work. Wow! What a clutch fumble caused by none other than the maniac! I checked the score and warned my coworkers “if the Colts lost, I’m going to cry.” I will watch the second half sometime.
  4. ALLLL DAY. He needs to take that O-line out for steak and wine.
  5. JT looking so good. I will never mention Trent Richardson ever again
  6. Definitely, that first loss is a huge bummer. I know it’s not likely, but I’m an optimist. Colts just need to focus on winning their games, either way lol.
  7. I guess that’s why you play the games? I’d like the 4th or 5th seed. That’s what I’m saying.
  8. Because I don’t want to travel away to KC, Buffalo, or Pittsburgh. I rather have the 4th or 5th seed to actually do something.
  9. Rooting for Baltimore to win tonight. AFCS isn’t out of grasp, too.
  10. Protect Nyheim Hines at all costs.
  11. Issa BLOWOUT! GGs. Get healthy and let’s keep it roll in’.
  12. Yup. Pittman sent that guy into the end zone. Great play.
  13. Who had that block on the right side? Send a CB flying it looked like.
  14. Rivers and TY. This is the hype we heard about coming out of training camp.
  15. Insult to injury - his own Olinemans butt hit him in the head. Raiders aren’t going to make this easy.
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