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  1. Colts not letting the little lull and mistakes stop them from turning it on that drive. Phew.
  2. Taylor made the ugly play for a 1st down and there is the big play by Pittman. Let’s punch it in Colts.
  3. Drop killed that drive. This game is already SUPER frustrating.
  4. Exactly why when Colts get into the redzone, they need to get into the endzone. Allen is too good.
  5. Yeah Rapoport is a bit slimy, imo. But I laughed that Darius Leonard liked it. He’s always liking negative takes to motivate him.
  6. Why would he be bluffing? Because it’s the playoffs and you use anything you can to your advantage. Including ambiguity of injuries and line-ups. With that said, no way Diggs isn’t in the game Saturday. Colts should be prepared for as much.
  7. CamMo


    third in the league rushing
  8. A few tweets out today stating Carson Wentz is wanting to facilitate his own trade from the Eagles, and that Colts is his preferred landing spot.
  9. Interesting thread by Holder re: checking out of run plays.
  10. It’s like a sad story I’ve read too many times. Was really hoping the Steelers would keep trying to run the ball. It’s like our team, including the coaches, panic and our entire D loses its ability to play soundly. I’m not sure what the answer is. More pass rush? Better corners? Coaching change?
  11. I’ll cash in all my Karma for this win. I hate the Steelers that much.
  12. This one hurts. I almost rather they get handled all game than choke away a 17 point game. Woof. Highs and lows. GG Colts fans.
  13. This high to low is absolutely gut wrenching. Come. on. D.
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