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  1. This is why I hate the Steelers. D needs to put this back into us dictating this game.
  2. Come on. Let’s get some good field possession and go up 3 scores again
  3. Steelers are gonna start chucking balls down the field. Feeling an INT.
  4. My poor neighbors. I’m wooooooing like I’m Rick Flair out here.
  5. This is the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’ve burned us so much in the past. Colts need to come out like it’s 0-0 and keep that fire.
  6. Way to go Phil. Let’s not let them score here. So sick after that penalty.
  7. Steelers loss. Ebron loss. Give me all that. Don’t let up Colts.
  8. Beautiful the cerebral part of the game Rivers has brought to the offense. He knew as soon as he saw that blitz. Pick it up and climb the pocket. Bomb baby.
  9. I keep forgetting about Campbell. Rotten luck for that guy.
  10. I’m not apologizing for my comment the first few games - I knew he wasn’t Trich but he was having Trich-like runs. Dude was running right into his Oline over and over and over again. Just so happy they’ve seemed to figure it out. He is a beast!
  11. Between Taylor, Mack, and Hines? Woooo-eeeee. Let’s take a Tackle in the first round and have fun again next year.
  12. Okay if anything, they should just give us the NFC seed. What in the world...
  13. So what happens if the Raiders win tonight and we lose tomorrow?
  14. The beating they are giving the Lions right now though
  15. Without Smith and Castonzo. Ugh. I’m not counting our guys out. But my goodness what awful luck.
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