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  1. Any given Sunday. But this game isn’t over until the fat lady sings lol
  2. Well. Looks like it’s going to come down to all the games next week.
  3. Anthony Walker will hopefully be able to go...hopefully. He was sorely missed today.
  4. Awe. I think you make this place more fun, coffeedrinker. And I know we have at least one thing in common. A very happy holiday season to you and yours as well.
  5. Yes, yes...AL and DL should have been voted in. BUT, what about the biggest snuff?! RIGO SANCHEZZZZ SHOULD HAVE BEEN VOTED IN.
  6. I can’t really speak on the RCA dome because I went to a game when I was extremely young. I don’t remember anything other than it was against the Dolphins and we won. I was at the playoff game against the Chiefs. LOS was rocking.
  7. Random twitter guy complained about LOS not being as loud as the RCA dome. This was Irsay’s retort. This team deserves this last home game to get LOUD. (yeah, not really the topic, but didn’t want to make a thread for this.)
  8. While technically a Mack highlight reel, I really enjoyed watching the Oline in this video. Big Q was ruthless. LOVE what Kelly brings. Everyone seems to play better when he is in there. Do yourself a favor and watch the play around the 1 minute mark. BIG Q and CASTONZO manhandling the defenders. Beautiful. :’)
  9. In the off-season, when Ebron was very honest about why he signed with Indy (Andrew Luck), I was a bit nervous. No one knew at that point how much rust Luck would need to knock off. It’s crazy to look back and compare that to where we are right now. Ebron’s choice paid off. I’m sure more players will want to follow suit next offseason.
  10. He’s not a regular coach. He’s a cool coach.
  11. Luck wants into the playoffs. But they are gonna play this smart. One game at a time.
  12. YESSSSS! @southwest1 has to be soooo happy.
  13. Just read on Twitter he did LVE’s woof howl..Someone clip it please lol
  14. DARIUSSSS LEONARD!!!!! No no no. Not in his house.
  15. We need this game more than they do. Score on our first drive and hopefully they’ll roll over.
  16. Come on GOAT. Put us up 10 - 0. Vinny has looked GOOD the last couple weeks. Must be that white beard.
  17. We should come away with points. Frank let some needless time run off around the 1 minute mark.
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