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  1. Not so fun fact, after hip surgeries, mortality rates in older adults surge to about 25% within the first year following the injury. It’s a pretty straightforward and common procedure, but most “elderly people” are never the same afterward. That being said, it’s Jack-freaking-Doyle, and I’m also not worried.
  2. Touché. I read the article, but I didn’t totally grasp what “soliciting another for prostitution” actually meant in this case. With the heading, my mind thought it meant he was more of the seller than the buyer. Still...wow. Embarrassing.
  3. Holy. Crap. He always seemed a bit skeevy, but I never could have imagined human trafficking.
  4. The tough, nasty guy in this thread called the “awe shucks” soft guy being talked about in this thread a bad*** on the field very recently. So for all the people thinking Andrew doesn’t play well because he’s “soft” on the field (not cussing, yelling, etc.), Big Q would probably be the first to tell you, you’re wrong. He can go out and kick butt, and still be a nice guy.
  5. Ditto. I felt a bit bad for the media people after hearing the story, because he very well could have been fined either way. I understand that a lot of people thought it was ~cool~ or funny, but I’d hate to have been that media person, Q sounded like a butt. Actually that whole story made me uncomfortable. I thought it was weird how he didn’t even show the slightest enjoyment about how funny that video was. Or how viral it went. Idk. Not sure I have an issue with him viewing the other team as “the enemy” during the game, but there are so many unknown factors with that quote.
  6. I could see him going to SF. Shame, I was really hoping he’d stay with the Steelers so he could continue to derail their team.
  7. All dis. Because it’s so awesome to have a healthy Luck back. The darts he throws when running out of the pocket are my faves. The Mo-Allie Cox one-handed TD catch. Leonard’s ridiculous strip/fumble recovery against the Chiefs, he had so many clutch plays I could list too.
  8. I like this. Good for them both, imo.
  9. Yeah, it’s not bad. Especially if the Colts are playing well, individual tickets will skyrocket. I personally buy nosebleeds that are the cheapest then hangout in the Budlight party zone
  10. Surely that’s for the entire season. For you season ticket holders, maybe you can clarify. I looked at season tickets going into 2018, and it was about $900 per ticket. So it would be about $1800 for 2 tickets for the entire season. Is that how it works?
  11. Ehhhh. I just read the posts. That girl is MAD and it seems personal. Tagged his wife and everything. She could just be insane and talking crazy. Maybe time will tell. I definitely hope it’s nothing serious.
  12. Robert thinks it’s coaching. But, like you said, you would think after all these years someone would crack the code. People are getting bored of seeing NE in the Super Bowl each year (besides their fans, obvs.) I don’t think the NFL would rig it for them, even if you did buy in to the whole “NFL is rigged” theory.
  13. I feel like I should definitely know this, but will someone inform me on what he was referring to with his “I’m used to coming in second” line?
  14. These guys deserve great health coverage for life, imo. 22 y.o. with back problems.
  15. My fave takeaways in no particular order: 1. Jim Irsay is the type of owner you want to have. Cares about the team and winning. 2. Andrew Luck giving nerdy bus tours. :’) 3. 342 LBS?! That’s a lot of human. 4. Q’s surprise at being drafted 6 by the Colts. 5. He said more than 10 words. 6. His comments about Geno Atkins and NFL level talent.
  16. Very cool. I hope we can get him to the Super Bowl one last time.
  17. Luck did throw to Ebron in the best hands challenge. Alrighty then.
  18. I’ve never watched these skill challenges, so I pulled the 2018 show up on YouTube. It actually looks pretty fun. I’m excited to watch goofy Andrew. As an AL lover, it’s like bonus footage. Maybe Ebron is going to play dodgeball or something of the like.
  19. All I got to say is I hope they like the next guy, because they obviously liked Guge. :/
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