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  1. Can you imagine? We sign Rodgers and he ends up retiring after one season. Haha Indianapolis Colts - where HOF QBs come to retire.
  2. Wow. I’m honestly shocked. He didn’t get to experience Coltsnation without a world-wide pandemic and that makes me sad. But good luck in retirement, Phil! Now we can really start putting resources into the future QB.
  3. Only thing going in our favor here is if it’s too close to overturn.
  4. Fumble and the Bills are way back at the 50. This is our break. Come ON D
  5. Colts. Are. Still. Alive. why do they have to play with me like this?
  6. Disappointed. They had a chance to win against a great team today and they killed themselves.
  7. I don’t know if one decision can do it for me, but that was about as dumb as it can get. Really disappointed.
  8. Not panicking. Playing the middle of the field. Still running. TD Colts. it’s not over, until it’s over.
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