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  1. “Described as a culture setter by his coaches” durable. One of the most productive runners in college football history.
  2. Anyone else have to keep reminding themselves we have Philip Rivers as a QB? Haha it’s going to be an interesting season!
  3. Does this ever happen? A first round pick for that when Rodgers isn’t getting any younger, seems silly....
  4. I didn’t know who Jefferson really was when I was watching the combine, but he looked super smooth. Liked him a lot.
  5. I was thinking that too. I’d be fine with that as long as I can watch on TV. Football keeps me sane throughout the dreary fall/winter. Let’s hope these players stay healthy
  6. No injuries this year if there is no football this year.
  7. Definitely give AJ his props for an awesome first year - it would be great to have him this coming season. But calling Ben Banogu a “miss” is a bit premature. I’m hoping he gets more playing time this season. Ben is a super nice, hard working guy, so I’m holding out hope he becomes a big piece for us.
  8. Definitely 7 wins AT THE MOST. I wouldn’t bother watching the draft, or the rest of the offseason. Probably should pack in the season all together.
  9. I was replying to someone who was talking about Quincy Wilson.
  10. As soon as he scrubbed all his social media accounts from anything Colts related, he was already gone in my mind.
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