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  1. Well your one of the few seems as though your fellow fans where quite upset with me and certain they had landed the RB of their dreams. I tip my hat to you, you sir were right.. I suspect you fellow fans haven't got the guts to admit it was a huge mistake... I rallied to get rid of the guy because I knew he sucked and was quite shocked and relieved to see him exit from Cleveland and for a #1 pick to boot...... You had it right good for you, I bet it really PO's you now that its been confirmed..... Upbeat
  2. Good come back wow I'm impressed.. I'll put you down as feeling ripped off, I understand and I concur.... Upbeat
  3. WELL Colts fans you all told me I was full of it when I tried to tell you the Browns ripped you off, after 2 months and a mountain of solid TR play I guess you still think I was full of it.... But I promised I would stop in and see how you felt, so let me have it........ I was told it was the poor coaching in Cleveland and then it was TR just needs time to get his head in the play book so now what??? Time to grade the trade.........................
  4. The DREAM lives on glad to hear it I'll check back in a few weeks after he runs up a few more solid 20 for 60 performances and see if you still think he was worth much of anything.... Upbeat
  5. I tried to tell all Colts fans you were ripped off, but oh no you had to have it your way.. TR is average at best, you guys that like to do your home work go back and watch any game he played in and watch him dance and miss huge holes...He lacks instincts and football smarts................... Lets be real honest the Colts were had....... I had guys TRY to tell me it was coaching it was 8-9 in the box but its not he just isn't very good............ Upbeat
  6. Well I'm happy for ya I have been watching him for more then a year now and I can tell you what you saw today is TR..... He is one tuff player but that will land him on the IR, and shorten his career. But honestly and I mean this not to come off as being smart but what you saw today is what you will see pretty much all year, He runs real nice at the start but by the time the 3rd series comes around he is M-I-A Watched him closely for a year remember that..... Upbeat out
  7. Your Welcome??? So you kicked the Tires today how is the new ride?? Is it everything you thought it would be??? Someone on here told me yesterday he would put up 1500 I wonder if the guy would like to revive that just a tiny bit?? No really isn't TR great????LOL Upbeat
  8. Brother believe me when I say this I don't need an excuse for TR in fact I dubbed him before the trade Three Blind Dawgs Dancing you know his Indian name I will check back with you sometime next week after you get a better look in fact I will put you on my desk top calendar to remind me to check back mid season and end of season, I can't make you understand how bad I think he is as a player, not as a person but as a player. I promise you will be the one grieving at that point... He has tons of talent its there for all to see but he is blind on the football field and maybe at best average. L
  9. This may come as a bit of a shock to you those were the only truly great runs he had all YEAR... 3 great runs and he played in 15 games that's what your getting if that makes you happy then so be it, I had much higher expectations but perhaps your more reasonable then me...????? Enjoy him be happy and support your players, but grade them based on performance and 950 yards in 15 games is not so great, but your happy I wish you the best, and clearly you'll be happy but the bottom line is the results he produces and that was lacking, it really was something tells me your hoping he makes it agai
  10. Man its a big gamble on your parts. The coaching situation in Cleveland is much better its why TR was let go truth be told. We Norv Turner as an OC and he knows the offensive side of the ball... I would have agreed with that comment in the recent past but not now.. They babied him to get him to the season healthy, that's a fact; in fact his 1st and only pre season action was against you guys... I keep telling myself perhaps he can kick it to another gear, but he just lacks field vision, instincts that you either have or don't and that in truth you don't coach. I think he struggled with bei
  11. Browns fan here checking in to see what Colts fans are thinking at this juncture of this block buster trade, I hope you all understand I hope you have a ruff year, not because I dislike the Colts but for my own selfish reason. Let me tell you about the TR I know as a Browns fan. Great kid loads of talent, has zero instincts as a running back, and his YPC was 3.6 last season and his YPC thru 2 games this year is 3.4, bellow average on both accounts... Do your research and any thoughts you have about having a great RB will soon disappear... He was drafted #3 but no sane individual would ev
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