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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Landry? Was he just being rested that last drive?
  2. Perfect situation to spend a 3rd rounder on Shayne Skov (or better yet, Borland if he was there in the 3rd). They are both immediate type impact guys but they could be used as run down defenders with Jackson being the guy on coverage downs while the young guy develops his pass coverage and NFL awareness.
  3. We signed D'Qwell Jackson and released Samson Satele. It's gon be a good day tater.
  4. SALARY CAP: $34 million TRADE: Vick Ballard RB, Colts ($500,000 saved) -- 4th Round Pick CUTS: Samson Satele OC, Colts - $3.5 million saved Total Cap Space: $38 million FREE AGENCY: Vontae Davis CB, Colts (Resign) - 4 years/$31 million ($7.75 million per year) Adam Vinetari K, Colts (Resign) - 1 year/$3 million ($3 million per year) Pat McAfee P, Colts (Resign) - 4 years/$11 million ($2.25 million per year) Alex Mack OC, Browns - 4 years/$26 million ($6.5 million per year) Toby Gerhart RB, Vikings - 3 years/$8 million ($2.66 million per year) Terrence Cody NT, Ravens - 3 years/$7.5 million
  5. In the 5th, I'd be thrilled with Andrew Jackson out of Western Kentucky. 6-0 255-260 and is pretty athletic. Not the best in coverage, but fits into the MIKE spot perfectly.
  6. Of all of this, Rolando would be the biggest steal IMO if this year off helps. I'd rather have Borland than Skov, however, as insurance.
  7. I would like a guy like Brandon Spikes, Dont'a Hightower, Rolando McClain who is a big ILB who eats blockers and stops the run while also allowing Jerrell Freeman to run around and make plays. Our MIKE LB do not keep Freeman clean because offenses don't respect them enough.
  8. I'd sign Rolando McClain to a 1-year, prove it contract and draft someone like Andrew Jackson, Chris Borland, or Max Bullough in rounds 4-6.
  9. You replaced Bernard Pierce with Trent Richardson.. Richardson should get more opportunities and will have a much easier schedule moving forward. You did great. I am keeping him, and I believe he will average between 8-10 points at least moving forward.
  10. With as big and physical as McClain is, he would almost be another defensive linemen in there as far as taking on offensive linemen. You put Josh Chapman at nose with Redding and Francois at DE, with Walden and Mathis setting the edges and Rolando taking on blockers, Freeman would have a field day.
  11. This is a good move by the Ravens, though. They needed to protect their investment. Great move (depending on what they gave up)!
  12. Daryl Smith is playing outstanding, but Josh Bynes has been struggling. The only thing, though, is that Rolando and Daryl Smith are both thumpers in the middle and not WILB types so I don't see them needing Rolando with Smith there and McClellan backing him up with Jameel McClain coming back in a few weeks.
  13. I agree with you, but I guess people are entitled to their opinion. I'm just saying I'd love to bring him in.
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