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  1. Andrew Luck on Colts turnover problem: "It's my problem." Tired of the same old responses but seeing no improvement at all He said this last week, played the same this week. When is he gonna fix the problem? And apparently get his ribs fixed? They should bench him. Let him rest. He has played awful. I know the play calling hasn't been great either, but Luck has not been helping the team anymore than I think Hasselbeck would(who has 2 out of our 3 wins this year in games that we controlled throughout the game). I mean, he leads the NFL in interceptions currently. He put 3 in the air tonight
  2. Well...Last night's game was wayyyyy too flag happy against the Colts. I was at the game so I didn't see the replays but I had no idea why the refs threw 75% of the flags they did against the Colts. It doesn't excuse our play, but from my perspective they got unnecessarily hammered with flags.
  3. It's definitely a shot at Grigs. I'm getting slightly tired of the fan perception of "draft O line in round 1! Duh!" Look at many of the top picks over the past few years regarding O Line. They're not sure things and really most have under performed their draft pedigree. Look at Luke Jockel and Eric Fisher. Jockel is still horrid and Eric has taken a very long time to develop and he's far from being a top tier guy. As bad as many of you think we have it, we have a middle of line O Line. It's not terrible. This game was lost by pep and Luck IMO. Luck was responsible for 4 turnovers! 4! No
  4. He actually looked good aside from that horrid first drive. It's worth noting that D Allen kinda missed a chip and go that I think threw off MH on the sack where he Mcphee went underneath.
  5. Most of his FA dealings have been cap friendly. There is not some magical pool of amazing FA talent. Suh was an anomaly. They are usually either old, proven vets or unproven talent. There is a reason they are in the FA pool. So far, the only huge mistake from Grigs was the Trich trade.
  6. I would give it time. As others have already said, the cards are stacked against him. Our receivers: Yes, all of them, are really freaking good. Bray may actually make the team. It's totally possible that he edges Brown and/or Griff out. Smith's college tape was solid and the coaches said he really gets the game and understands it. The kind of guys that get it at a cerebral level and have the drive like he does usually come through. And if he doesn't, maybe Jalil comes through or maybe we extend Toler. Not the end of the world. Did you watch the HoF game? Did you see Trae Waynes? Dude w
  7. I love FF as much as the next guy, but being ranked ahead of someone in fantasy doesn't mean you are better in real life or more valuable to a team. Keep in mind age as well when you are thinking contracts. If you have ever played in a contract league or even a dynasty league, you would understand why Hilton is more valuable than depicted on your redraft list to a franchise due to him only being 25. Hilton is always going to be undervalued a tad in FF due to lack of TD/RZ production. You can certainly make a case for him being top 5, although I'd probably say top 10 is more realistic.
  8. How does Josh Robinson look? I'm really curious since he has been largely injured for most of camp thus far. Edit: As soon as I type that TK posts that he broke off a long run lol .
  9. Maybe the BIll's QB will. Fitzy is fairly conservative and good at preventing turnovers. Their WR core is largely improved and so is their secondary. I wouldn't discount them quite yet. I think we will be able to beat the BIlls solidly unless they figure out what to do at QB. I don't have much faith in a dancing McCoy in Roman's system to keep the chains going.
  10. We'll see... two of the best offenses last year couldn't do it against the Bills. Actually.... No team team scored over 30 against the Bills last year. 14 Dec 07 BUF 17 @ DEN 24 Final 76,913 Kyle Orton 355 Yds (BUF) Juwan Thompson 63 Yds (DEN) Sammy Watkins 127 Yds (BUF) 15 Dec 14 GB 13 @ BUF 21 Final 70,214 Aaron Rodgers 185 Yds (GB) Eddie Lacy 97 Yds (GB) Randall Cobb 96 Yds (GB)
  11. The guy is out of the league. He's done. Toast. He sucker punched the young, starting QB for his team and sidelined him for 6-10+ weeks. He has a history of battery and unprovoked violence charges. You really want that in our locker room?
  12. They barely made it last year due to some career games/year by Big Ben. Their schedule is much harder this year given that they go from facing the two worst divisions to two of the better ones(NFC West and AFC West). I wouldn't be surprised at all if they don't make it. I do agree that they match up well against us though.
  13. Do you have any data that shows that smaller wide receivers get injured more often or miss more games? Because that's the first I've heard of this notion.
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