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  1. First off this guy got Demolished by Ogbah when they played, I cant wait to see what JJ Watt would do/does to him, second hes going to be 24 In July 2016, which means hes 2-3 years older than most grads (2-3 PRIME YEARS) and Third is he THAT much better than Clark?? Finally and most importantly is he worth not getting Morrison (who looks solid) and Blythe who may both start if Haeg and Clark is groomed for LT/RT. Blythe would fit well at G too. You gotta think of the two extra picks we got before anything else brotatochip
  2. Noticed the colts signed this guy recently and I decided to check out his tape... Watch out TJ Green Guy looks like he hits HARD and from what I saw, looks awesome in coverage. Not sure what we didnt see, but with nothing else im excited for him on ST.
  3. Terrell Hartsfield: This guys is a beast. Check out this prospect video, against some good teams too. I dont hate the other CB/S signings but Prewitt was a mistake to pass on. He would have been one of my first calls if not the first. He was an all american 1st team in SEC... self explanatory
  4. I have been following the SB Nation Stampede Blue undrafted free agents for this year and there are a couple really cool prospects. Here is the link to that page and you can refresh for the most recent updates: http://www.stampedeblue.com/2015/5/2/8537477/tracking-the-indianapolis-colts-undrafted-free-agents The few players that stand out to me are: Ezell Ruffin, WR, S.D. State Junior Sylvestre, LB, Toledo Terrell Hartsfield, DE/DT, OLB, Cincinnati Hartsfield stands out the most, this kid is a beast. Very strong bull rush and surprisingly fast off the edge. Doesn't overrun plays too much and has a knack for where the balls at. Check out this 9 minute prospect video. I am surprised this guy didnt get drafted... And they are not playing against weak opponents. Not the SEC, but some tough games including East Carolina and Ohio State.
  5. Did you watch the game? YOU RUN THE BALL ON 3rd and 9... DONT THROW IT... Kick the field goal an win. DO NOT BLAME THIS ON THE REFS. The colts coaching needs to be reprimanded and I can ONLY pray, someone else takes Pep or we let him go at the end of the season. This game disgusted me... And if coached well we would have won. BTW... T Rich was KEY tonight... Key for the Eagles. He is going to get benched the second season in a row to ahmad and maybe, maybe Grigs can speak up for his nonsense decision.
  6. "Drops Mic" Hey eminem... Did the Denver broncos create a Super Bowl team/ dynasty over night... With Peyton manning? YES. "Drops mic" "Picks it back up" Also what grade would you give our draft last year? I think everyone's just tired of drafting developmental players... We haven't had plug in starters in any round sense telesco left (I guess you could argue Thorton, only because Thomas got injured) And I love how u say our secondary stopped one of the best offenses in history... So did San Diego in the regular season ))) and their secondary was....?
  7. Nope... Your wrong... Jimmie Ward was still on the board
  8. If he's a day one starter than means Grig screwed up on FA last year OR our third round pick lol... APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE for the thread, but you need to look at this draft and last years... Werner, Thorton, Holmes, first 3 and CB price and S from Oregon who got kicked off the team before we could even cheer for him... Anyone catching my drift??? We got a great versatile T with our first pick, but we NEEDED a Center and Safety... And probably CB... We didn't get any of those the entire draft... THINK ABOUT IT... What if injury prone Toler or Landry get hurt?? UH OHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  9. Yes but is he gonna start? Did we just use our first pick on a back up? And a 6.6" center ??
  10. What do you mean? We don't need another WR? Lol we only have Wayne, Hilton, nicks, Brazil, Rodgers, and Whalen:) not to mention our two receiving TEs... Hate the WR pick we need secondary players
  11. What does everyone think about Grigson choosing to select BACK UPS with our first overall picks the last two years? Werner and Mewhort... Even if he is decent at guard who says he is going to start over Thornton and Thomas who both have experience?
  12. A OT and a WR... Thought going into the draft we were pretty well set at those positions??!! Even if this guy is good at Gaurd... Who says he starts over Donald Thomas and Thornton??? They both have talent and experience... wth Grigson... Drafted our last 2 first overal picks to be experimental back ups?! Well maybe he plans on signing bob sanders?? Who is our safety gonna be?... Better yet who is gonna take over our 2nd CB position WHEN toler gets hurt?... Say goodbye to our secondary this year
  13. Love that the DL are falling to us... Some had Nix and Ealy in the top 15 as well as Jernigan... If theres a trade up, Id like to see it on one of these beasts... Sold on, but not extremely happy with Chapman/ Francios/Redding... Personally Id love to see the line as Redding, Jones, and Jernigan (after how good he played in the National Championship)... Thats a fierce DL with some great back ups... Could even trade one of them for more pics in 2014,2015... I didnt see too much of brooks in the National Championship... but thats probably because Joyner was ALL OVER the field. He is my pick at safety for 59... I like how big Martin is from USC, but how nice would it be to get a 6-4 320 All American C in the 5th round?? Stork is my pick later rather than our 2nd and 3rd... Then you got Ikard from OK who was 2nd/3rd team if I remember... Both intelligent players. LETS HOPE their are 27 QB's and RB's drafted before us in the 2nd rd ;))))
  14. He looked like a pretty good number 2 against Johnson last week
  15. I'll start off by saying IMO I think Butler played spectacular against Andre Johnson in the Texans game and feel if he kept it up, he could blanket Dwayne Bowe as well. Bowe has a similar body build as Johnson also. This way Toler may see less action while recovering and he played some great nickle in Arizona.
  16. I am PRAYING he is a Roddy White/Crabtree/A.J. Green clone.... lol They said it before the Texans game they want to get Hilton more involved... so the focus was transferred to getting him the ball last game. If Reggie is healthy for the start of the season next year, I wouldnt mind seeing Rogers on the left, Hilton on the right and Wayne in the slot
  17. I disagree both on the Post and on his comments on McNary and Connor... Not sure if THAT part was sarcastic but I think your gonna see some excellent play out of Connor these last few weeks + post season. I scratched my head wondering why Pat was starting over him in the first place, and think he could flourish beside freeman. Great Coverage linebacker+tackler
  18. I disagree. He does not have the quickness needed to be an OLB. Beef him up and put him at DE like J.J. - see what he can do
  19. C- Mack FA WR- Allen Robinson DRAFT CB- DRAFT DT/DE- FA/DRAFT OG-FA/DRAFT S-DRAFT C + CB is needed more than anything IMO(Davis did nothing but get burned and create penalties in Cincy), but we should get a weapon at receiver with our 2nd Rounder... A. Robinson is a young Reggie and would be a steal at a late 2nd Rounder... I am a firm believer of trading our 1st in 2015 for one in 2014, but doubt that will happen. Also, we have Thomas coming back, Thornton, Holmes and Reitz who, IMO, can all Play well at G. maybe worth a 6 or 7 Rounder
  20. Im pretty sure we are so banged up and lack depth that this would simply be impossible. Fili made some good plays yesterday... Makes you wonder why we let Antonio Johnson and Drake Nevis walk this year
  21. If our line keeps playing like it has been I don't like our odds
  22. BENGALS- L TEXANS- L CHEIFS- L *First back to back loss in Paganos/Lucks era. Clinch the division with a win over Jacksonville (If Ten. wins out)
  23. Holmes would be playing at RG for Link, not RT... I was referring to him getting the start rather than going back to McGlynn.
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