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  1. Here’s my take. Which guy do you want. WR#1 6’ 1 230 2018: Rec 85, Rec yards: 1,320, TD’s 6 2017: Rec 75, Rec yards 1,252, TD’s 11 Average/Above average combine or WR#2 6’4 230 Pounds 2018: Rec 26, Rec Yards 526, TD’s 5 2017: Rec 39 Rec Yards 646, TD’s 7 Elite Combine #1 AJ Brown #2 DK Metcalf Brown is not getting the credit he deserves.
  2. It is winnable though. The Chargers are a good football team. I could easily see the Colts losing.
  3. bravo4460

    Colts Movie

    Doyle in the first video, Inman in the second. Hope Doyle can stay healthy and I hope Inman will return.
  4. That’s a tough line to bet on. Colts schedule isn’t going to be easy. I would probably take the under. I’m going with 9
  5. Trout wouldn’t stand a chance.
  6. Colts should really look into hiring this guy in their media department. Ive been watching his videos a lot. Most of the Colts videos kind of suck that the Colts themselves post. I’m sure there are strict things they are allowed to show but the videos are pretty tame and simple most of the time. I will also say that the Colts photography department takes some of the best game day pictures around the league. Just wish it was the same for video.
  7. Quick hands. That’s important for a DE. However let’s wait and see how it translates to his play. A lot more to the game than that. However dude looked shredded.
  8. I like Geathers... I like him as an in the box safety or hybrid linebacker. He plays those well. I think people like him so much because there is nobody to replace him with that is an improvement.
  9. Pretty Awesome! Lol
  10. Pretty happy about it honestly. I still believe another safety will be added but IF Geathers is healthy he is a good player.
  11. Next visit: DE Aaron Lynch
  12. Confirmed: Nelson is going to the Titans after his rookie contract is up! Thanks Taylor Lewan
  13. Thank you for the clarification. Explained well!
  14. Don’t think so. Might as well let the young guys develop if we’re not going to spend money.
  15. I understand your somewhat on the other side of the spectrum than I am here. I also do understand your take that a draft class needs a couple years to see how it plays out. However I do NOT believe it is Super Bowl or bust at all, I do believe however that it is playoffs or bust. The Colts showed what type of team they can be last season, they had a chance to improve in FA and didn’t do much so far (I’m not against them saving the money or what they are doing). To me there is no reason to not make the playoffs as you did last year and anything else is a step back in the wrong direction. For your thinking, In general what would you consider taking a step back next year for the Colts be and for you to consider it going in the wrong direction?
  16. Wow, they are far ahead. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team with so much cap this far into free agency than any other team. 20mil plus is crazy. Also question, When clicking on the 2020 tab on over the cap, the Colts fall to 4th I believe. Why is that? Do the teams the jump the Colts such as the Cowboys and the Ravens have a ton of big name players they are going to have to re-sign or is it for some other reason?
  17. I will say this. If this draft goes terrible for Ballard. Yikes it will put the Colts behind quite a bit. However if this draft goes great for Ballard he continues to look like one of the best General Managers in the league and the Colts will take another step forward toward making a deeper run into the playoffs. Im all for saving money for players. They will have to pay their own guys in the next couple of years. However you HAVE to hit on some draft picks like he has so far or it will not work. We will see. If the Colts take a step back then there will be a ton of criticism and rightfully so. If they take another step forward this season then everyone is going to staying on or buying a ticket on the Ballard hype train. I honesty believe this is a HUGE year for the Colts or seeing who they really are.
  18. The way free agency in going so far Ballard is putting a TON of pressure on this upcoming draft. If it fails... yikes.
  19. I didnt mention names on which team is sitting on their money... ;) but who am I kidding we all know who it is. I actually enjoy watching the division get better. No since I’m being the joking stock of the NFL and getting to the playoffs shouldn’t be a cake walk. The Colts have Andrew Luck the best QB in the division. They should compete no matter what. But the other teams are going to make a run. Foles isn’t terrible and D. Watson is a good player.
  20. 3 teams in the AFC South continuing to try and bolster their rosters. Not scared to spend money or make trades to do so. From this trade it looks like Rosen to Miami or Miami trading for the first pick to get Murray.
  21. Attn all!!!!! This is not a drill. We have our second confirmed visit! S Kentrell Brice
  22. Naaa. Dollar Menu only
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