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  1. I believe JB is NOT the answer at QB but Ballard and Reich are going to continue to start him until they find a different answer. My guess is JB starts next year even if another QB is drafted. I really want JB to play well. I like the guy but he sure is not getting it done this year. I don’t even care about the deep throws as much as his extremely poor accuracy on half of this throws.
  2. I thought it was a lateral also. However that play didn’t matter at all. It was 4th down and Doyle wasn’t going to make it passed the first anyway.
  3. Sure we can keep it rational and peaceful. Just don’t expect people to think losing and being mediocre is okay. This team is not great right now. Changes need to be made and Ballard needs to be aggressive.
  4. The Colts are not going to do that. I’m pretty sure they have proven that already. They LOVE JB
  5. Theres one big factor that changed it all. Andrew Luck. We have one of the best O-Lines in football but when your QB hold onto the ball and is too nervous to throw to to open receivers it is going to make the offensive lines job more difficult. Also the receiver stats are down for the same reason. A QB PROBLEM. Dont get me wrong. Injuries play a role and so does the terrible special teams play but this team is struggling mainly because of the one reason.
  6. He’s so close to average. Just not quite there. Draft can’t come soon enough. Although the Colts have continually raves about JB. He’s going to start next year.
  7. Yikes... Really a shame. Although it is not like he would get thrown to anyway.. Sorry, Couldn’t help myself.
  8. Gotcha. My fault I didn’t notice that. Thanks for posting those graphics.
  9. I think the only problem with this argument is the name of the players we lost. However injuries should not be an excuse. This roster is a SB winning roster besides maybe 2 or 3 positions. Colts just need a certain someone (JB cough cough) to execute the offense better.
  10. Who cares if we are spoiled? As a fan bad we should not be okay with just being in the hunt for the playoffs. We shouldn’t have to accept below average QB play and shouldn’t have to accept losing to the Raiders, Dolphins, and Steelers. Why is everyone sticking up for a mediocre QB so much. Just because he is a nice guy doesn’t mean he is the answer. AL played with WAY worse and still carried this team to playoff victories. This fan base just expects the best product possible on the field every Sunday and hasn’t been getting it. A spoiled fan base is not an issue. We just continuously have high expectations.
  11. The Chargers were in a similar situation the start the year. Also the Steelers like others have said. Yes the Colts have had injuries to big name players but other teams to do as well. Quit having a victims mentality. Andrew Luck dealt with a complete garbage can of a roster AND injuries but still showed up and played good football and willed the Colts to victories and made no name players look good. JB cant even hit open receivers or throw over 6 yards. He is holding on to the ball and making our offensive line lives harder and making others on this offense worse. Look at the stats. Not to mention this Colts roster is a super bowl roster with a good QB. ”IN THE HUNT” Is not good enough for this fan base and it never should be... Also Love the Shoe, in regards to your second post about 15 views and no replies. I’m not sure if your trying to prove a point but you aren’t going to get any replies if nobody is interested in your post
  12. 1.) Watson- Possible Top 5 QB 2.) Foles- Eagles Foles 3.) Brissett- Hasn’t shown much this year. He could easily be top 15 QB in league but I’m not sure what’s going on with him. 4.) Tannehill- Atleast he is giving the Titans a chance.
  13. Oh. Okay. Well even a Colts writer agrees with me here. Even has video clips showing his struggles against the terrible Texans secondary. https://theathletic.com/1405938/2019/11/25/colts-film-review-qb-jacoby-brissetts-flaws-become-more-apparent-at-the-worst-possible-time/
  14. No, Brissett hasn’t shown enough this season that would suggest that he is a Franchise QB. If your okay with probably not making the playoffs with a pretty good roster and elite O-Line then sure, he is your franchise QB. Were not spoiled fans because of the last two QBs we just expect better. There is NO reason to stop trying to find better just because we have an average QB.
  15. To be fair, no receivers have had an impressive season thus far... You could say Pascal but it’s not impressive it’s just improved... Which says this. A QB problem.
  16. Team isn’t going anywhere with the QB play now. However the Colts have the chance to grab some good players at important positions to improve this team. Ballard will most likely spend it on re-signing his own guys though. Future is still bright for the Colts. Have good draft capital and plenty of money to spend.
  17. I want to like JB, I really do. He makes it easy with his personality and leadership. However this Colts roster is too talented to be where it is now. Colts are becoming a one dimensional team. To have 4 games at 151 yards or below (not counting his injury game) is inexcusable. The offense isn’t doing enough and it starts with the QB. I honestly don’t understand the love for this guy. I don’t hate him and I tried to give him a chance. There is still time left this season but he IS NOT the answer. Also just because “we are spoiled” doesn’t mean that we should have to settle for mediocre QB play. You should always want the best QB for your team. That argument doesn’t make sense.
  18. He has continuously done this all season... yes
  19. Watch this play. This sums up Jacobys season.
  20. Needs. 1.) WR 2.) QB 3.) Pass Rusher 4.) Interior DL 5.) Secondary Depth
  21. I can’t tell if it’s Brissett not making the correct reads and holding onto the ball or the offensive line is really struggling to pass protect.
  22. JB is a complete game manager and check down artist. I don’t understand why people cover for him so much.
  23. 9 players on Colts injury report. 0 on the Jags
  24. Jags win 24-14 More of a realist than a hater. Lol
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