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  1. Come on Colt fans give the defense a break, they were practicing social distancing.
  2. Come on fans give the Colts defense a break, they were practicing social distancing.
  3. Pro football focus Player Grading Scale: 100-90 Elite 89-85 Pro Bowler 84-70 Starter 69-60 Backup 59-0 Replaceable Hooker was rated a 65 in 2017, 79 in 2018 and 70 in 2019.... Overall, a marginal starter, hardly worth an upper first round pick.
  4. Camp is going to be very competitive at WR especially if Paris and Fountain are-healthy!!
  5. I see Ballard trading down to get more picks or trading Hooker for a draft pick!
  6. Born 1949 and Colts fan since 1958! Watched my first game , the 1958 championship with my Dad and his friends and have been a diehard ever since and my son is carrying on the Colt tradition!
  7. Bring him back because he has shown he is a great leader and mentor to the young offensive lineman plus a great locker room presence.
  8. Yes the schedule is very challenging next year but our Rookies are going to grow , have another great draft and sprinkle in some good free agents we can play with anybody! As bad as we looked against Kansas City, we still had a legitimate chance to win that game. If Vinateri would of made his 4 points the Colts could of kicked the ball deep with 5 minutes left , having momentum and putting pressure on the Chiefs.
  9. Every game on our remaining schedule is winnable, even the Houston and Dallas game.
  10. The Jags are very sound on defense and fortunately for us they will have major salary cap issues next year and their defense will be totally different. Our offense needs another #1 receiver to go with Hilton, a couple of lineman for depth, a future Castonzo replacement and of course a great running back. Defensive side two players in the front seven and a shutdown corner. If Ballard can hit on another strong draft and pick up some playmaking free agents, pencil us in for a deep run in the playoffs.
  11. Positives on offense. Play calling Luck is back Oline improved especially up the middle Grant is a good possession receiver Ebron runs like a wide receiver Hines and Wilkens played good . Positives on Defense Leonard has all -pro potential Hunt played great Turay looks explosive off the snap
  12. Moore has a very good chance to start at linebacker as well.
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