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  1. Pro football focus Player Grading Scale: 100-90 Elite 89-85 Pro Bowler 84-70 Starter 69-60 Backup 59-0 Replaceable Hooker was rated a 65 in 2017, 79 in 2018 and 70 in 2019.... Overall, a marginal starter, hardly worth an upper first round pick.
  2. Camp is going to be very competitive at WR especially if Paris and Fountain are-healthy!!
  3. I see Ballard trading down to get more picks or trading Hooker for a draft pick!
  4. Born 1949 and Colts fan since 1958! Watched my first game , the 1958 championship with my Dad and his friends and have been a diehard ever since and my son is carrying on the Colt tradition!
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