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  1. Sure I will because after all the Colts are perfect. Won every game every year. Don't say anything bad because_____?
  2. That's why there's only one Indy Super bowl. No running game and no defense. Pagano was the big mouth that came to Indy with "Run the Ball & Stop the Run" So far he's done neither. Blame it on Grigson all you want and rightly so. But I don't hear you saying a word about a Pagano coached team that shows up several times a year UNPREPARED. Now I get you've only been a Colts fan for 5 minutes But there's no excuse for not having your team prepared. Have you missed the last four slaughters vs the Patriots? How about vs the Rams,Cards,Cowboys,Steelers.? Pagano sure had the Colts honed to a knifes edge in those games. NOT This team hasn't run the ball in at least a decade. Pagano came here saying his team would---LIAR. Pagano is/was supposed to be A DEFENSIVE COACH. Ha Ha that's funny 26th ranked defense last year. Blame Grigson all you want sooner or later you have to play the cards you're dealt
  3. Think whatever you want but Pagano has been over his head as a Head coach from day one. How many games has this team come out totally unprepared under Pagano. During Pagano's entire time with the Colts there's been a ZERO running game. He hasn't corrected either of the above while being the Colts head coach. I get that this is a passing league but year after year without a balanced offense is just stupid. Remember when Manning could play action to the Edge and freeze the defense. Then throw, seems like 1000 years ago.
  4. We watched those same defensive linemen and linebackers vs the Patriots. They must have been still sleeping, No Thanks. Try getting Talent with this poor roster there are plenty of holes to fill. Oline,Dline, ILB, Safety. For three years we've heard we are going to stop the run. NOT. Time to give Andrew Luck some help, more Talent for the Oline. Talent at Dline,ILB and both Safeties.
  5. Yes that Oline is great and if you IGNORE the fact that Andrew Luck was hit 25 more times than any other QB 78 total and add that to his rookie years 83 hits and 22 more hits than any other QB. See that Oline is just great except if your name is Andrew Luck. Yes that interior Oline with Donald Thomas,Phil Costa, Lance Louis career backups and bums all. To bad we don't have any TALENT on the interior Oline, bums yes,talent no.
  6. WE NEED TALENT! Not bums off the scrap heap. I wonder if Ryan Grigson understands who the Franchise player is on this team. Hey Grigson its not you, former NFL exec. of the Year its Andrew Luck. Why do you feel the need to get Olinemen from the Flea Market. Washed up bums, Hint try getting Talent for the Oline, I bet it'll work wonders. The Colts have had many Great Olinemen in their history. To bad Ryan Grigson will never add to that history, penny wise and pound foolish. If Andrew Luck has his career ruined, Colts fans will know right where to look, Franchise QBs grow on trees where Grigson lives. Draft some Talent for the Oline.
  7. Believe this Andrew Luck was HIT 25 more times than any other Quarterback in 2013 His rookie year he was hit 22 times more than any other Quarterback For two years we've heard from Grigson/Pagano protect Luck priority number one, NOT, I'll believe it when I see it. All the Colts interior Olinemen are GREAT, they just can't block worth a damn.
  8. How about his play on the field? at center that is. Believe what we tell you.
  9. My god it must be my eyes, I see Andrew Luck running for his life on almost every play. But the Grigson/Pagano duo have said for TWO YEARS that priority #1 is to protect Luck. Do you see it? They made interior oline moves that they said were just great but I still don't see results, what could be the problem? Injuries? NFL players get hurt all the time but other teams manage to adjust. So whats the problem with out interior oline?????????? TRY NO TALENT. Sure free agents and 6th round picks like Donald Thomas make it every year and some turn out to be good, but three in a row and what do you have? A JAIL BREAK when you try to pass block with pretend NFL players. COME ON GRIGSON DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD AND FIX THE OLINE.
  10. For two years we've been hearing the same propaganda and for two years Luck has been running for his life. Go to NFL.com look up Donald Thomas, see how many games he's missed in six years and rave about the 23 of 96 games he's started. Look up Phil Costa and see that he has played in 6 games in two years and started 3, thats 6 games of 32 games. Please hand out pocket mirrors to the Colts interior Olinemen when JJ WATT comes a pass rushing point the mirror at him maybe it will scare him because the Colts guards and center will not.
  11. I hate to break this to you but Irsay pulled the trigger on the drafting of Andrew Luck, did you miss the part where he let peyton go and moved foward with Luck.
  12. ESPN says " Colts have not sufficiently addressed an Oline thats gotten QB Luck Battered, maybe they mean battered as in before deep frying either way for Andrew Luck it'll probably be the same 1.5 seconds and then run for your life. For the last two years the Grigson/Pagano duo has said priority number one PROTECT LUCK BETTER. Do you see the same lack of results that I do.
  13. The legend of Phil Costa, Former Dallas player a team that has had interior Oline problems games started games played 2013 Dallas......................0..................................................3........ 2012 Dallas......................3..................................................3..... 2011 Dallas......................16................................................16.. 2010 Dallas......................1...................................................4 Started 20 of 64 games and played 26 of 64 games In the last 2 years of 6 of 32 games and started 3 of those 32 games Source NFL.com go see for yourself.
  14. Donald Thomas according to NFL.com if you believe them or not its where I got these numbers so go see for yourself. . games started games played 2013 Colts........................2..................................................2.... 2012 Patriots....................7..................................................16.. 2011 Patriots....................1..................................................10 2010 Lions........................0..................................................0 2009 Dolphins..................12.................................................16 2008 Dolphins---------------1...................................................1 .So I see a player thats played in 45 of 96 games and started 23 of those 96 games as you can also see he has played all 16 games twice in 6 years. He has started 10 games in the last 4 years, Hall of Fame career that.
  15. Just the fact that you addressed both Guard and Center shows me you see the same problems that I do. But I really don't think Marcus Martin will still be around at #218, he may not be around at #59 I admit I don't know anything about Halapio but I'll go look now.
  16. Why is this hard to understand, For two years all we've heard from Grigson/Pagano we must Protect Luck better,priority #1. nonsense, Do you see any results? I don't, I see run for your life Luck and you have 1.5 seconds before you do it. The Colts interior Oline STINKS,SUCKS. We need a Center and a Guard with TALENT. Sign Mack for whatever it takes you can redo his contract next year to make it more cap friendly. Draft a Guard with the 2nd round pick Gabe Jackson would be nice. Now you turn the biggest weakness into a strength. Control the Clock, maybe even allow Trent Richardson to become the Hammer they thought they traded for. How much BETTER would Andrew Luck be, if he had time to sit in the pocket. Think of the Colts with an actual running game, defenses won't know what to defend pass,run or Luck running. I know its been a long time since the Colts had a good Oline and Polian left us with a crap Oline. Peyton's quick release covered up a huge weakness, after Tarik Glenn retired the Oline was never the same. Some Colts fans seem to think its their money that would pay for Mack. Sure there are other holes but if Luck gets hurt nothing else will matter will it. Finally think JJ Watt and Clowney stunting to the middle of the Colts line.
  17. For two years all I've heard from the Colts Grigson/Pagano is "we must protect Luck better" NOT This isn't me saying this its them Do you see results? All last summer on Colts.com We must limit the hits on Luck, number one priorty. Do you see results? I don't care if they have 50 center and 50 guard prospects there are none with Talent. Don't give me 2 game Donald Thomas either. He has played in something like 45/96 games and started 26/96 games go to NFL.com and look it up if you think I'm making it up. I do believe Thornton will get better or I sure as hell hope he gets better. WE NEED TALENT. I know that undrafted players like Saturday have become good/great players but I promise you there's a Huge amount more of undrafted players that did not. Its nice that Costa had a good game vs the Ravens, if he's so good why did Dallas whose guards suck let him go, he plays guard also i've heard. You will never get Mack if you don't make an offer, sign him then next year redo his contract to more cap friendly take the 2nd rd pick get Gabe Jackson or Dave Yankey or the best Guard you can. Then your weakest position group becomes a strength. Control the clock run the ball and maybe T. Richardson becomes the hammer you thought you were getting.
  18. Toler has a history of NOT being healthy. I agree we need to look at other players.
  19. The more I watch and read about De La Puente the less I like him but Lamarr Houston now he can play and would be a big help to our defense. Houston is the kind of punch em in the mouth player who would really set the tone for the Colts defense and make players around him better.
  20. Lamarr Houston for the D. Sam Shields CB Dietrich-Smith Center but I would make an offer for Alex Mack
  21. This is the NFL and players get hurt and players have their careers ruined by injuries so my point NO ONE knows if those players will even be playing in two years NFL careers are short as a rule not the exception. jameszeigler834 lists seven players from the 2012 class of those Allen,Ballard have had major injuries already, Chapman came to the Colts recovering from a knee injury. I don't think Brazil is going to break the bank. As for Luck if we have pretend Olinemen like Satele and Mcglynn then Luck might not survive until then. so that leaves Fleener and he's not really making me forget John Mackey how about you. But instead of fixing the Oline correctly meaning with TALENT not sixth round junk or a fourth round center that couldn't unseat the WORST Center in Colts history and maybe NFL history. At least there's hope for Thornton. NO Colts fans to sign Erik dropsy Decker or Hakeem washed up Nicks after all as you all are quick to say we went 11-5 and we are getting R.Wayne and Dwayne the Beast Allen back so WR is not as important as other positions. And if Andrew Luck gets crunched just like Aaron Rodgers did then the greatest WR'S in the world won't be able to do poop, do you really think that any other QB on the Colts roster can avoid the rush like Luck? I Don't.
  22. I really like drafting Gabe Jackson in the second round, we need someone that blows people off the line, signing a good center also will make a huge difference along with Jackson and Dietrich-Smith is a good center. This would not only help the running game and pass protection it would keep the defense off the field. I like Sam Shields better at corner, Karlos Dansby would help for sure but for how long and for how much $$$. I don't think you'll get Worilds that cheap, Lamarr Houston would help a whole lot and would be a punch em in the mouth player the Colts need. Good Job I'm sure no one will like everything you or anyone writes about the Colts but youm sure nailed the fixes for the OLINE thats for sure.
  23. I'm amazed at how cavalier a lot of people Grigson and Pagano included are with Andrew Luck's health. Oh they talked about it all last off season but when it came down to actually getting NFL caliber Olineman well we got Trent Richardson instead and went ALL IN. Satele and McGlynn belong in the arena league, so cut the bums and bring in some TALENT. Donald Thomas started 7/16 games for New England in 2012 and 2/16 forthe Colts, Hall of Fame career right there boys.Dear Ryan Grigson if last years free agent signings were as shiny as the Gold Rolex Watch I see on wrist then maybe you wouldn't be gunshy about signing anymore free agents.
  24. Alex Mack, Eric Decker, and I'd even think about signing Eugene Monroe and moving Castonzo to left guard. Castonzo was tried at guard at the Senior Bowl so someone thought he could play guard. Then draft the best player on the list because we need help all over.
  25. Just enter jr. high and Grigson will get fired wanna bet.
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