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  1. I regularly bashed McGlynn over on coltfreaks before the crash. I must admit the guy is suddenly playing with intensity that deserves commendation! I hope it's not an aberration.
  2. It will end when our conditioning program improves. Injuries are part of a violent game but Dungy and Caldwell ran notoriously casual camps and we are only a couple years removed from them.
  3. It has become painfully apparent that our offense is quite predictable. I believe talent has offset the predictability to the extent that we are successfully moving the ball between the twenties but a flawed scheme is preventing us from reaping the full reward of the players efforts. That said, the offensive line is suffering from a ridiculous talent deficit that probably can't be corrected very quickly. Improved upon? Sure. Corrected? Not till next year. The predictability of the offense however can and should be addressed immediately. Our second half offensive performance smacks of being out
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