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  1. This is true and I think other free agents will recognize our organization and want to be a part of the bright future we have here. Also I just want to say that gos has played his butt off this year and has been one of our most consistent lineman whether it be pass or run blocking. He has been tremendous in my eyes and while he may not ever live up to his contract, he is for sure one of the better right tackles in the game and deserves recognition for helping keep andrew clean since rarely does pressure come from his side
  2. We also worked out vaughn martin recently so maybe that's an option. Fanene is out there as well. Can play in the 3-4 comfortably and has a ton of experience...
  3. With the designation of hughes to IR, who will fill his roster spot? I would think it would be a d-lineman with the injuries to redding and jean-francois, but with grigs you never know. Possibilities???
  4. tony1287


    Did TY get hurt in the game?? He got hit near the sideline after a catch in the 3rd quarter and I don't remember seeing him in any other series after... he was holding his shoulder also, probably the one that's kept him on the injury report. Hope he returns and isn't too serious...
  5. tony1287


    I don't mean to start the same old topics but with the exception of a couple of runs, trent looked good in space and broke off some of his best runs all season. He got involved in the passing game more today and looked comfortable running making guys miss. Looked a little more fresh and wasn't going down with simple arm tackles today
  6. They should get fined. They shouldn't be above the law and these calls and no calls are getting worse by the week!!!
  7. I know the Colts lost the football game but these last few weeks of officiating in the nfl have been horrible! Jeff Triplett clearly screwed us on at least 2 calls. One being the green-ellis td, and the no call on daltons throw away pass. Chap obviously tripped green ellis up and was down short of the goal line. There was no conclusive evidence that would change the ruling on the field which was originally called down by contact and short... then the throw away, it should have been intentional grounding since he was still in the pocket but yet there was no penalty and they went on to score again. I hope triplett is fined or suspended for this especially for the overruling call. The refs are not and should not be above the league office and should be subject to fines just as any player is for breaking any rule on the field. If we don't have fair officiating then why even play??? Essentially he gave them 7 points and an argument could be made he gave them 14 in all.
  8. I am starting reed myself. He has been getting a lot more involvement and looks from rg3 and has blown fred davis away for the starting TE spot. Plus the broncos are very vulnerable against the pass and you know rg3 will buy more time against that def. Oh and the falcons are just not the same team this year so I say start reed
  9. He is always hurt, which is why we DO NOT need to give up an early pick for him
  10. It doesn't help that he never gets enough touches in games. Oh and daniel thomas steals carries away from him too. I know how this feels being that I drafted him also
  11. If we are going to do anything I wish grigs would get it over with already.
  12. I find that hard to believe looking at the stats. I know they don't tell the whole story but they are the proof of production and mathis and hali are neck and neck. It could really go either way imo. Mathis may not be as good as hali in coverage but his run defense has improved drastically, and it showed last week against denver
  13. The whole KC def has been on a different level this year. I just think he benefits from Houston on the other side and poe constantly taking on two blockers.
  14. Are we making excuses as to why mathis is having a great year?? Take him away and what pass rush will we have then?
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