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  1. i'm not sure how saying the CEO of an organization should be held responsible for his tenure (good and bad) is being a loose cannon or infact unreasonable at all?
  2. He's getting praise from many for "making changes". I'm pointing out the fact that he was CEO at the time during which many failures occured that resulted in the firing of many people. He was saved only because he owns the team, he should resign the CEO from his name and do like an earlier poster said. "go back to tweeting song lyrics". Why are you praising him now for finally making changes, he should've seen this coming.
  3. lets name some teams, Tampa bay, ravens Here are teams with just "great QB's" not once in a lifetime ones: steelers giants rams Here are teams with legendary QB's Colts Pats Packers you don't have to have a legend at QB, you are right
  4. If they made those cuts prior to Mathis signing, would he have signed? Probably not, he could get the $$ from any team
  5. hopefully the texans aren't equivalent to the steel curtain
  6. I think he's extremely talented at pass rushing, I guess grigson think so too
  7. then that goes for polian as well.....that would make you a giant hypocrite as well Only the polians, caldwell, and peyton's injury are to blame for our 2011 season and our cap problems. Our CEO should be responsible too.
  8. , I guess they were right about who they should've drafted in april of 2007 ;) I dont think saying who you would've drafted makes someone a whiner/complainer.
  9. I guess in a 3-4 they want one guy (like Demarcus ware) to pass rush, and another to drop back in coverage. Mathis is our Ware
  10. People blame Caldwell, polian (both of them) and peyton's injury for what happened in 2010 and our cap problems now. How does the CEO go unscathed and blame free in that process?
  11. Want to fail is harsh, I'm pointing out that he's escaped being at fault for what happened to his team in 2010. How can people blame polian/caldwell and let Irsay had a free pass? as I said previously, he wouldn't be our CEO if he wasn't the owner this year.
  12. your right, I'll have to accept it at some point wont I? i dont let my frustrations over the colts spillover into my personal relationships. thanks for your concern though
  13. There is no doubt in my mind that if he, Irsay, didn't own this team, he would no longer be the CEO of the colts. How can the failures exposed in 2011 not fall on his shoulders but only that of the people working beneath him?
  14. what did the pats get for seymour? we should be close to that, if not, then don't do it
  15. Carson Palmer, David carr, ryan leaf, tim couch did a lot of cellar dwelling. So could Luck.
  16. no I don't mean quit being a fan, I am a Cubs fan as well, I think the Cubs have moved on from being the "lovable losers". Most fans want to see them win, this is clear by last years attendence. It's unfair to call those fans, fairweather fans because not attending games is the only way the cubs would know we aren't happy. and it worked! In the past fans would go to games no matter how bad the cubs were, just to go to a cubs game. Now, fans want to win and they listened to attendence. I'm looking forward to April! As for time for the Colts, if we dont' see results with luck in (X number) o
  17. I'm sorry, but you can not compare the situation of drafting PM to this scenerio. they are absolutely different. Letting Harghbaugh go vs Manning. This isn't pure emotions, I do believe that a restructured contract with some new youth on D (from trading Luck) and trading some guys like freeney, we could've had great teams for the next 3-4 seasons, and still used a high draft pick for a manning replacement.
  18. We could be "just trying it again" for a long time. How long is too long?
  19. you could argue they got champ bailly out of it, who had a better career than RW
  20. well why didn't he do something about it then? See, buck stops with him
  21. I don't remember people going after Peyton after our SB loss, I can't believe they were rough on bill/brady
  22. I hope we don't waste a high draft pick on a RB!
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