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  1. rodgers,brady, big ben, brees all have superbowl rings and were not the #1 overal QB. In fact, besides Peyton i'm blanking on the last one to win an superbowl in the past 6 years or more other than eli. I guess you don't need a #1 pick. thanks frog
  2. Free agents who go to the highest bidder and are all about the money usually do not play like a contract year. I wouldn't give much guaranteed money to any FA.
  3. yeah, people on here will say "we have money, they will come" but as soon has that type of player, the one who is all about money, gets his money; then they usually never play like they did in a contract year and you end up overpaying
  4. You are right, he does have HUGE shoes to fill, and he will have high expecations on him. I know I have high expectations for him. He's called the next best thing since Elway, hes a 99/100 on all draft boards, he's replacing PM, and he's replacing him early in the minds of many. All of these things add up to high expectations. The good part is for Luck, if he can make it through all this, it will only make him stronger as a person and player and of course fans will love him as much as they do Peyton!
  5. It's quite possible that a QB in 2013 and 2014 will have a better career than luck. If we got what the Rams have, we could still have drafted a 1 st round qb in the next year or so and still have had peyton for 3-4 more years and add on top of that a few more high draft picks. Thats not a bad scenerio at all.
  6. I feel like the switch of cities and states kinda ruined that
  7. If this was the Packers, the CEO would be fired. I just want resposibility for failures to all involved. No free passes
  8. hopefully it's some good drafting from round 2 and up and we'll just try again in 2013
  9. Not agreeing or being positive about the Colts situation = being labeled pessamist, dumb, and usually results in the biggest one: "If you were making business decisions for the Colts....." or "I'd like to see you make a business decision"
  10. Rodgers had it quite a bit easier: A better roster Better coaches and peyton didn't play games when he was leaving as mr. favre did, big time games.
  11. sorry guys, its not going anywhere for a decade He deserves his own section though. IMO ;)
  12. instead of new colts, we could just shorten it to AP "after peyton"
  13. put up the old ones from 2006
  14. and it is unconceivable how some people fall to sleep staring at their Jim Irsay Fatheads. when he was CEO during the imcomplete failure of those common sense and business factors you mentioned that have put us in a bad situation. He was CEO during that time and was completely unaware of building in cycles until Peyton got hurt. I can't believe you didn't tell him prior to 2011!
  15. i'm scared for football in indiana: could be dead Purdue IU Notre dame now the colts
  16. the website you are currently on has always listed him as CEO http://www.colts.com/team/staff.html
  17. Do you like free agency? I personally hope they don't spend a lot of money on free agents. It's easy to get into an overpriced situation. Example, Jacksonville signed Session and Polznoucy? at LB. You could argue that those players are overpiced or sidney rice in seattle. Hopefully we have a plan to build with draft and just add some FA to fill small gaps.
  18. i'm not seeing that last part in this thread. Anyways, sure then we can give Irsay credit for the last 14 years. Then he should get the same blame as everyone else he fired.
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