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  1. Sign- Suh (although I have no idea on his fit here) Re-sign - Adams Cut- Landry or Cherilus (although both ILBs were very underwhelming)
  2. Problem I felt with richardson since day 1 was that he was fat since he got here. Drop 20-30 lbs and u Woulda seen a difference
  3. Anyone can say "oh they won by 38 points tho" no actually it's not that simple. What if Luck doesn't throw those two INTs and scores TDs instead. Without those two possessions the pats don't score 6-14 points. That's a potentially 28 point swing on those two possessions alone. I think it should be colts vs Ravens in Afc championship and the winner goes on.
  4. He's doin outstanding and hopefully he can go a couple more years until we get someone younger. Doesn't look to be slowin down however
  5. To those saying bitonio, doubt u Woulda said that b4 the draft. It's easy to say now that he's performed well. Back to the OP I would have probably taken ward.
  6. Anyone else think we need an ILB? I feel a good one can make such a huge difference on defense. I remember mosely having a really good game against us. He broke up some screen plays and stopped the run really well.
  7. Honestly I think a lot of ppl are judging Thornton on that one play he got manhandled and it stuck in their head.
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