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  1. Dark horses to making the team: Henre Toliver, George Odum, Mark Glowinski.
  2. Myers is rejoining the Colts. http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/sources-robert-snacks-myers-to-colts-practice-squad/
  3. Trent Richardson. He was just cut by the Raiders.
  4. Lance Lewis will be cut soon. Writing is on the wall.
  5. Chuck really looked down and dreadful at the press conference. Feel sorry for him as they should not have let this one slipped away. We have yet to win a game including preseason.
  6. My guess: QB(2),RB(3),FB(1),WR(5),TE(3),OL(10) DL(6),LB(9),CB(6),S(5), K(1),P(1),LS(1)
  7. The Colts will not take this guy. I don't think so. There will be over 700 players out on the streets in the next 2 days and a few good ones to pick up. Not need to bother with this cancer.
  8. An article about Kerr dated today. He did sign with the Colts on May 11. http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/passed-over-when-the-nfl-says-no-20140514
  9. I don't think it is worth to keep a backup for 2.2 mil. That's a lot of money. May be recently released Brandon Weeden can be brought in to replace Hasselbeck IMO. Sure he sucks as a starter but he is well known to Chuzinski and may just be fine as a capable backup. Plus he won't cost much and is much younger. It will be a low risk investment for the Colts.
  10. I think one possibility may be another team wanted to sign Justice C and the Colts didn't want to lose out on him. So they brought him up to the active roster.
  11. Still one practice squad spot available. Who will they add?
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