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  1. Do you still think they will only lose three games this season. They might be 4-4 after the next two games.
  2. What will be your prediction if they lose the next two games? The Rams won't be a pushover either.
  3. Not at all, I don't ever think about that. I just think until tonight's game is over any talk about point spread is meaningless. If the Colts lose, it could be double figures or close to that. If they win again, it might get down to 4 1/2 or so. Why waste the energy until the game is over.
  4. Won't it all be rather meaningless until the results of the San Diego game can be considered?
  5. 24-13 Seattle. This might be the best defense in the NFL along with Houston.
  6. Or he will teach Luck not to throw in his direction!!
  7. The odds are against either one of them ever winning a Super Bowl.
  8. You think Colts fans are any different about Luck?
  9. I do not agree with you. Clark was not a factor when Stokely was with the team. Julius Thomas is a factor. I also think those big rugged receivers are better than Harrison and Wayne when this group played together.
  10. They probably have a big game against Jacksonville. I think they are 25 point favorites.
  11. I never say bad words unless you count saying that Andrew Luck is not a God......
  12. If you don't like what I have to say, use your ignore button instead of resorting to name calling.
  13. Because he was a polished QB who was said to be the most NFL ready QB to ever enter the NFL. I am not saying that he won't improve. He will. Tannehill was not even a QB three years ago. He was and is far from polished. Therefore he has more upside to get better from where he is now than Luck is from where he is now. I guess I am saying that Luck was far ahead of Tannehill when they came into the NFL. Tannehill has lots to learn that Luck had when he got here. So, I think Tannehill has more ability to move up from where he is now that Luck has left to grow. My Goodness, can't anyone say anythin
  14. I won't argue you that but you well know what I said is a factor.
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