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  1. Anyone else have a feeling the colts are waiting on Patmon to emerge before we draft another one? Remember he was on our roster not practice squad last year .That tells me Ballard is high on him
  2. I think ty is in a proove it type season . He may be kinda like AC was year to year. Thank goodness he is back . Always liked him . His production has been down ever since Luck left. He never had that connection with Rivers or Brissett. Maybe he and Carson will have one .
  3. I would get ty signed on a 2 year deal . I don't see a Robinson coming here asking for tons. Realistically he is our best option .
  4. Go to pat McAfees Twitter account . Our problem could be solved.
  5. Now with Stafford going to the rams what are we going to do? I do not want to see jb under center next year. We are close bit nor without a qb
  6. No time doesn't heal . There are a lot of fans to this day that hate the colts 35 years later . I lived up there close . Try and imagine the colts leaving indy now .????
  7. Kick the FG Frank and that challenge was pure rediculous . I am not sure he is anything more than a good oc . Happens too much. Never leave pts on the board
  8. I am hoping so . Remember the year we won it all . Never know .
  9. I posted earlier I had a feeling Miami would lose and tenn also. One down one to go. Ok colts just win
  10. Dont ask me why but I think Miami goes down on sunday and we get in . I also have a gut feeling the titans will go down . The texans are tough on divison teams. We could of easily had two loses .go colts
  11. Smh . He does this everytime we play great in the first half .everytime . If we di get in one and done. Back to pitts probably and we never win there ever
  12. Since we lost head to head against the ravens and browns will 11 and 5 still get u past Miami?
  13. Just like the titans did two weeks ago right ?
  14. Being fan since the early 60s I have seen some good defenses. In saying that this one can ne the best but not quite there yet imo just yet
  15. Love your screen name . I am with ya buddy colts and os and over 50 years
  16. Do people not know ty is being taken out of the game ? My gosh people what does belicheck do every game ???? Take your best reciever away .why is it no one sees this ????
  17. Are we forgetting this guy just got here with really no training camp or offseason .He didnt even know the roster . Smh
  18. just saying no one but from Indy besides Peyton has been retired yet . wonder why
  19. all retired numbers are Baltimore Colts except for Peyton
  20. Barkley is the highest rated player in the draft per Kipper , I think with the cap money we have in place we can address some of what we need in free agency , Lets see what happens there first and then we can see where we stand . Ballard will be after o lineman I am sure and maybe a linebacker before the draft gets here , I just think Barlley gives us a threat we don't have now and desperately need , In my opinion TY is not a number one , more of a slot man . We need another playmaker
  21. take the game over on the ground like we did in the superbowl , that would also take some pressure off Luck
  22. you said it just in recent years , the man can run , catch the ball out of the backfield also, with he and Mack we should be set for a while
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