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  1. Luck .Manning and Unitas .no reps here
  2. Doesn't he do a quarter state of the team presser? What is the holdup? Anyone heard anything?
  3. As I stated last week I am not giving up hope yet. I think we are about to go on a run here. Also what happens this week with Jacob ? I think Sam Is coming back this week
  4. I know he is young but he hasnt been on the field much. anyone know
  5. 12 games left and we are heading in the right direction.You guys give up too fast I am going to still believe in this team .Too many positives going on right now to give up give up
  6. I dont get that call. kick the pat. if he does we win
  7. snce 62 i be a colts fan wherever they play
  8. better think twice about trading Mack . He knows the offense. Sit Taylor and let Mack play and let Taylor get healthy
  9. what is going on with him? missed all training camp and never practices. Does he need to be shutdown? His play has been awful this year. .
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