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  1. I would get ty signed on a 2 year deal . I don't see a Robinson coming here asking for tons. Realistically he is our best option .
  2. Go to pat McAfees Twitter account . Our problem could be solved.
  3. Now with Stafford going to the rams what are we going to do? I do not want to see jb under center next year. We are close bit nor without a qb
  4. No time doesn't heal . There are a lot of fans to this day that hate the colts 35 years later . I lived up there close . Try and imagine the colts leaving indy now .????
  5. Kick the FG Frank and that challenge was pure rediculous . I am not sure he is anything more than a good oc . Happens too much. Never leave pts on the board
  6. I am hoping so . Remember the year we won it all . Never know .
  7. I posted earlier I had a feeling Miami would lose and tenn also. One down one to go. Ok colts just win
  8. Dont ask me why but I think Miami goes down on sunday and we get in . I also have a gut feeling the titans will go down . The texans are tough on divison teams. We could of easily had two loses .go colts
  9. Smh . He does this everytime we play great in the first half .everytime . If we di get in one and done. Back to pitts probably and we never win there ever
  10. Since we lost head to head against the ravens and browns will 11 and 5 still get u past Miami?
  11. Just like the titans did two weeks ago right ?
  12. Being fan since the early 60s I have seen some good defenses. In saying that this one can ne the best but not quite there yet imo just yet
  13. Love your screen name . I am with ya buddy colts and os and over 50 years
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