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  1. 40 minutes ago, Bolts2Colts said:

    In his statement, Rivers only specifically thanked San Diego fans. And he took his retirement story to a San Diego reporter. I think he was aware of all the criticism of him in Indy, and Ballard was aware of it as well and wished Rivers could have experienced cheering fans in the stands. 

    Interesting that he didn't thank LA, either. (Assuming he did not mention them)

  2. 55 minutes ago, The Fish said:

    The Colts not winning that will over time marginalize how good the team was in the 00's.. 

    That loss and the 05' Steelers game still both annoy me to this day. It's not like it's a huge deal, but..

    Feel the same way, but also throw in the 07 divisional game vs SD. What a travesty of a game. 

  3. 52 minutes ago, Lancer1 said:

    I don't suggest you should be fine with your team losing a Superbowl, that's always painful but to hate the the QB of the opposing team simply for doing his job and winning is kinda irrational.

    Emotions can be irrational. Being emotional about a bunch of grown, male, strangers playing a game is irrational. Not everything has to be rational. He is a Colts fan, and wishes the Colts won. He is not a Saints fan and he is not a Drew Brees fan, my god. You would figure the one place to vent frustrations like this would be a Colts forum. 

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  4. 16 minutes ago, bluebombers87 said:

    How do you not pull for the Bills? They’re the absolutely best sports story we’ve had in years. 

    What is so great about their story? That they were losers for over two decades? 


    Steffon Diggs has a punchable face. Jerry Hughes is annoying when he said the Colts never gave him a chance years ago, and ignored the fact that he played like garbage for us. They beat the Colts in a travesty (Colts should have won), and they're over hyped. 


    I like Mahomes, I think he is the best QB in the league. Never seen a QB enter the league and dominate like him. I like Andy Reid; I think he is one of the best coaches in the league and I want to want to see them win another ring. I love how their team plays the game. Haha, and my favorite color is red. 


    For some reason people love rooting for losers or (ahem) the underdog. 


    Want to know someone with an amazing story? Tom Brady. Would be amazing if he made it to another Super Bowl and won it. 


    Edit: on second thought, maybe I should root for the Bills, because the story of them going all the way to the Super Bowl and losing it for the 5th time is hilarious. It would make it all the more hilarious if Brady made it to the Super Bowl and they lost their 5th to to him. So maybe I should root for the Bills AND the Bucs. 

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