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  1. Can we induct Luck In to the ring of dishonor.
  2. Hope Ballard can find some oline help on the waiver wire. It appears we cannot compete with decent dL. So do we write off the first quarter of the season.
  3. What about the players Ballard picks up off waivers
  4. If Ballard doesn’t pick up a real nfl safety and Cb prior to deadline he’s a fool
  5. thanks coming up for a colts game next week will be our first time in indy looking forward to it. colts fan in san antonio
  6. Talent at the so called skilled positions is clearly lacking. We need two wide outs a running back, and Hilton and Doyle out on the field.
  7. Maybe this isn't important to free agents but I believe all things being equal signing with a team in a state with a low or no personal income tax has to be a consideration. Going to states like FL and TX is more $$.
  8. Does anyone remember the O-line last year. here we are discussing technique instead of how bad our qb was tore up. IMO guys get knocked down and beat up on every line play. I'm just so happy they make it back to the huddle to fight again.
  9. I’m ok with the call. Is it too late to bring in some free agents to help out?
  10. it seemed there were no designed rollouts for Luck and he was not allowed to scramble. Was this by design or good defense by the dolphins? I think Luck throws well on the run and did not see that yesterday.
  11. Maybe Reed is a good blocking WR for our new power running game.
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