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  1. They're both on my dynasty team (along with Brown and Fournette), so I'm guessing they will be suspended/injured before the start of the regular season.
  2. If he could commentate every game/sport I watch with the same level of knowledge and enthusiasm I would be thrilled. NFL, MLB, tennis, MMA...Olympic curling. I'm all in.
  3. I agree with both of these. Tomlin should have controlled this early on with both Ben and Brown. Brown is the one taking all of the public flak here because he's been immature, but he's never really been cited as a bad teammate (with one exception that I'm aware of). Most teammates say he's pretty good to be around and works hard. I suspect if Tomlin had addressed the Ben issue early this wouldn't have gotten to this point. It's pretty rare for players on winning teams to be at each others throats this much barring something pretty egregious.
  4. It really is interesting. He seems to have found a way, as a player, to steal almost all of the leverage in his trade talks. He has forced the Steelers to either pay him a load of money or trade him. He's derailing trades to teams he doesn't like through threats of retirement. He's either getting paid by the Steelers, getting paid a mountain of money by another team (maybe a crappy team), or getting traded to a team he really wants. I don't necessarily like all of his antics, but it is a little fun to see him stick it to the Steelers.
  5. The Steelers play the Bills next season. I suspect he will be looking to repay that kick. They might find out the hard way what it's like to play against AB instead of with him.
  6. As an AB owner in fantasy, I hope either of these things happens. As a Colts fan, I hope either of these things happen. I need him to go somewhere with a competent QB and as far away from the Colts as possible.
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