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  1. nburgmei

    Colts @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    The FG looked a little sloppy, but it might have been tipped.
  2. nburgmei

    Where is the help at CB, RB, and WR?

    There are still some good WR prospects left in the draft. Deon Cain, Allan Lazard, E. St. Brown. I'm happy with the trenches strategy.
  3. I think the Dorsett pick was just so surprising. We literally needed just about every position other than WR (and QB).
  4. nburgmei

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    I'm fine overinvesting in the Oline, especially since, like you said, the AFC is loaded on defense. Imagine what it will be like once we can stop worrying about Luck's health for the next five years and start focusing on the rest of the team.
  5. nburgmei

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    Most of which you will find leading directly through the oline to our franchise QB.
  6. I think this mock goes to show that no matter what we do we're still going to have some big holes: OG, OT, RB, WR, LB, DE, DT, CB. We need almost everything except S (assuming the good health of Hooker and Geathers), QB (again, assuming a healthy Luck), and C (Kelly...health again). Oh yeah, and K. We're good there until AV decides to hang it up. We're going to have holes.
  7. I was typing pretty much this same response so I'll just go with yours.
  8. NFL.com's draft profile has it as his comp! I don't think I've seen a more exaggerated comp. Barkley comped to Barry isn't even as galling.
  9. I'm not writing him off in that I don't think he will succeed. I think he has a good skill set, but I definitely agree with NCF that he is FAR closer to "career WR2" than Marvin Harrison. We'll just have to disagree on the Davis/Williams vs Ridley discussion. Davis has everything: size, speed, hands. Williams is a little closer, but I still think most teams would draft him higher. People don't even agree this year if Ridley is a better prospect than Sutton (I go Ridley), and he's a project. I agree he's over Ross though. The Bengals just got excited over something shiny.
  10. I agree that it's possible, but it's very unlikely. Ridley isn't near the prospect that Corey Davis or Mike Williams was. Ross got over drafted because of that record breaking speed and...Bengals. There is barely a 1st round WR in this draft. I would be exceptionally disappointed if we went WR.
  11. nburgmei

    Hankins Released

    Is there a benefit to dropping a solid to very good player rather than attempting to trade him? It looks like we saved a little money by doing it today, but we're not exactly hurting for cash. Also, will this count towards compensatory picks next year?
  12. nburgmei

    The 2nd Rounders

    It's too bad that this isn't a great WR class.
  13. nburgmei

    The 2nd Rounders

    Agree, but...Guice over Chubb over Michel over Penny. I actually like all four, but I feel like Penny will still be around in the 3rd.
  14. nburgmei

    Instant Karma

    All I really care about this offseason is getting Andrew Luck protection. I don't care about winning this year because that's just not very realistic. I want our franchise QB, the supposed heir apparent to Manning/Brady greatness, to be given the opportunity to succeed and not have to worry about a career ending/altering injury. If we do nothing to address this then I say the blame is on Ballard, and the team needs to address whether he clings to his philosophy, which I generally agree with, to a fault.