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  1. not sure why you're so surprised.
  2. Bob Kravitz ‏@bkravitz Now told barring a major last-minute snafu, the Colts will sign Matt Hasselbeck tomorrow to a two year deal worth roughly $8 million.
  3. at 11:30 at night and a camera in your face.. no thanks lol
  4. Walden vs. Freeney, Walden had 4x the tackles, 2 less sacks, 2 more INTs, is 6 years younger and will get paid $10 mil less per year. Sounds better when it's put like this.. lol
  5. Jacob Crocker ‏@Jamkel89 While it sounds like 'coach speak' for Walden getting to compete to be starter, Grigson throwing away money to him is a very worrying sign.
  6. Matt Johnson ‏@ThreefortheWin One of the most underrated moves of the day. #Packers possibly getting a 6th Round Pick with Walden signing with Indy WATTTTTTTTTTTT
  7. http://blogs.colts.com/2013/03/12/free-agency-for-march-12th-2013/
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