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  1. No reasoning or facts will ever change a stubborn mans opinion. But for your dignity, keep that opinion to yourself
  2. This ain't a blessing at all! I don't doubt that Anderson will be a good starter but we need depth. What is a blessing is that this has been the least injury plagued preseason we've had in a loooong time
  3. for the past year I've been biting my tongue and keeping quiet, telling myself just give him another chance. The fact is, he doesn't have good vision and he doesn't hit the hole. We were all expecting a big improvement this year and he looks like he's had only minimum improvement. Not good enough for a 3rd year #3 pick. Bradshaw has looked miles better yet they give Trent 2 runs on 1st and 2nd down on our last drive?!?! The staff seems to keep starting him solely because they gave up a 1st round pick. I commend the staff for staying patient with him and giving him all the confidence he needs
  4. djax is definitely a better individual playmaker. but if it is at the cost of making the rest of the team worse and creating bad chemistry off the field, i'd rather take nicks' proven consistency
  5. With all of the resignings the colts need to make over the next couple years, I highly doubt it. Unless Wayne is willing to accept a vet minimum or something around that just for the sake of preserving his career as a colt
  6. You're kidding me, right? did you not watch him during the preseason and week 1?!?! He had flawless technique, very strong, and rarely made a misread. He was def not a backup, go and look at the tape. Yeah he got injured, but that in no way means he wasn't good when he was healthy. Thomas is BY FAR our best lineman when he was healthy
  7. That's not bad news, we used those picks to fill our holes already. Besides C and FS, the starting lineup is pretty much all set. Everyone else that's drafted will be purely for depth. we got a great situation heading into the draft.
  8. The competition wouldn't be against Thomas, he is by far our best lineman. It would most likely be against Thornton. Even if Thornton ends up getting it, which I'm sure he will, Louis will be a great backup to have
  9. I agree, the colts were a lot of fun to watch during the Dungy era... only when Bob Sanders was healthy. Without a special playmaker like Sanders, it was nerve wracking watching some of those games. Personally, I'd rather have an intimidating blue collar defense like Bal and Pit
  10. You are forgetting that when Delano Howell started, he looked just as good as Bethea last year. Howell will be our starting FS and a very good one at that. The only hole that needs to be filled at safety is for depth in case he or Landry get injured
  11. and I agree with MacDee, we only saw Holmes in half a preseason game before he got injured and we're already calling him a bust. Give him a chance before your professional analysis of him is publicized!
  12. I thought Thornton was awesome filling in at Donald Thomas' position. Mostly all of his mistakes were mental misreads which is good because that will easily be fixed by studying playbooks. He looked very strong during the games and his technique was good too. I have no worries about Thornton doing well next year. Donald Thomas was freaking amazing during preseason and week 1, I can't wait to see him play an entire season. I'm sure he will be considered one of the best guards in the league at the end of the season. Cherilus was very consistent last season, and was our best lineman, I'd trust hi
  13. No Superbowl team is perfect at every single position. yes, C is a hole that needs to be filled, the rest aren't high priority, hence why I mentioned only a FEW holes need to be addressed. It mainly has to do with backup's in case of injury, which is a good problem to have rather than having holes in the starting lineup. Howell proved to be an above avg safety last year. I believe all the holes will be addressed during the draft.
  14. We've been loud the past 2 years rebuilding the entire franchise. This offseason is more about holding onto our good players. It's good that we've been quiet, it shows that the organization is happy with their personnel and have few holes to fill.
  15. We still haven't seen Holmes yet and we already classified him as a bust. Let's see how they look during preseason before we get too concerned about this position. On a positive note I think the rest of our starting O-line is very solid. Cherilus was an awesome RT for us last year, very consistent. Costanzo looked good when he had Donald Thomas next to him throughout preseason and week 1. Thornton had a few mistakes on his reads, but his technique and strength were really good and he held his own as a rookie and looks very promising as a long term fit. Donald Thomas in my opinion is our
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