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  1. Bottom line, J. Irsay has made some great decisions for this franchise since he has been the owner. I trust what he thinks and I do think he will make the right call for what is good for the Colts. We have a great owner that most cities would love to have. He is a great citizen and he has always done everything he can do to put together a winning team. We are lucky to have Irsay and the Simons in Indy!
  2. BP is a great GM. I mean this as a compliment but have always seen him like a Bob Knight. Did a whole lot of good but could not see some of his own deficiencies. With that said, he deserves praise for making the Colts what they are today.
  3. BP basically stated that if you criticized him you were a "sewer rat and we will throw them out". Kravitz echos what many in the fan base think.
  4. This is great news! Obvisously BP could no longer fool Jim Irsay. Great new day for the Colts!
  5. My point exactly. Mora was willing to stand up to BP. I'm not saying he was right but no coach will stand up to BP and still be coach at the end of season. BP wants a coach that will say "how high" to every single BP command. He will not tolerate an independent thinker.
  6. "Not trying in 2009 was just fine with me, and tanking in 2011 would have been inexcusable". I do not understand this statement. How can not trying in one game be ok but not trying in another game is not acceptable? It is either OK both ways or not OK either way. This is what bugs me so much. This is the definition of hypocisy.
  7. Dungy was Irsay's guy. Mora was fired by Polian supposedly because he did not see eye to eye with BP. I was a big BP fan but he lost me this year. I think he is done and should be fired along with his son who does not have BP's track record. BP's time is up. I think the past few years started showing his liabilities and this year was an absolute eye opener. We all gave him credit his first ten years or so but he must be held accountable for the past few years. I just think it is time to clean house and now would be a good time. Thank BP for his success and wish him well and lets bring in s
  8. The problem is no great coach will come here as long as Polian is in charge. Polian will not let anyone else have a say. Caldwell is probably safe because he will not challenge Polian.
  9. Some of the fans drink from the Bill Polian Kool Aid fountain! They will think any way Polian tells them to think.
  10. Let's just hope Polian doesn't pull another stupid stunt.
  11. You should never be a Colts fan again if that is your stand. The Colts threw 2 games a few years back. You can say what you will but they threw them. Stay consistent and not defend the almost perfect season. They threw it back then and for whatever reason wasn't willing to do it today. You can buy into the Polian Kool Aid but I will not!
  12. I am so increduouls at this post that I cannot leave it alone. Let's start a post to keep Norv Turner. Lets just keep everyone who is not getting the job done. That's the American way. Keep losers because they are good guys.
  13. Are you out of your mind? Who is in charge? Who had Painter out there and who had the DC as DC? 9-7 with Manning coming back for playoffs and going ot Super Bowl? No wonder people fall for Ponzi schemes. Caldwell should be coach of the year with your reasoning!
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