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  1. Double Tyreke Hill and let Kelce beat us. Kelce is more then capable of doing so. But I rather have him beat us then the one big play ability of Hill. One catch can go for 70-80 yards with him and a TD. All the reason more why the offense has to play ALL four quarters. A 21-0 lead on the Chiefs can evaporate just like that with their big play, quick strike ability. I honestly don't expect neither team's D to play well in this one. I guess its whoever can score the most points. And right now that favors KC.
  2. Big Q is a DAWGG with two G's.
  3. This! Idc how well the Colts are playing I still find myself doubting them. Or each week I still have bad feelings about every game. The old regime has really traumatized me. Although, I will say, the Dolphins game and the Giants game would have been loses under the old regime. So that's an improvement.
  4. I trust the coaching staff.....something I haven’t said in almost 6 years.
  5. All know is he’s a WR....which was a need. I’m on board!
  6. WTH is the broncos doing taking all these WRs???
  7. 27???????? I hope you mean his jersey number
  8. Just received my pharmacy tech certificate! God is good! 

  9. Wow, RIP lil cuz, Indianapolis is really getting crazy smh.

  10. Did every away team where their home jersey's in week one??

    1. CR91


      its to take advantage of hot weather, colors heat up faster then white

  11. I HATE preseason..... It should not be a whole month long

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    2. Jules


      Yep thats all I check up on after and during games now.

    3. crazycolt1


      Pre season is meant to look at the bubble payers so it a part of the process.

    4. Jim H.

      Jim H.

      1st World concern?

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