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  1. It's still a terrible comparison. He compared Redskins to Nazi's... not Redskins to Jewish People. The term "Redskins" is predominately associated with a football team. Whereas swastikas are associated with Nazi Germany/ Adolph Hitler / Mass Murder... etc etc... Terrible comparison.
  2. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2013/Nov/02/real-reason-dont-mind-redskins-chargers-calkins/ http://www.redskins.com/news-and-events/article-1/We-Are-Very-Proud-To-Be-Called-Redskins/d4d7c05d-be39-4a27-9244-d06cfae46797
  3. Argument 1 actually goes against the point you are trying to make. It can be argued that "Redskin" is not a derogatory name because it is NEVER used as a direct racial slur the way other prominent racial slurs are. I'm 28 years old and I've never in my life heard the term "Redskin" used in the same context as words like "cracker, white trash, the n word, etc... "... I've never once heard, in popular media or in person, a native american referred to as a Redskin for purposed of degradation. In all honesty, if the Washington Redskins were not around, most folks would probably associate the te
  4. The fact that Washington signed McGlynn to compete for a starting job should tell you about the state of their offensive line. Washington does have arguably the best left tackle in the NFL, but outside of Trent Williams, their offensive linemen leave a lot to be desired.
  5. You have no clue what you are talking about man... Where is Mike McGlynn right now? Also, to suggest that the Colts had a worse team than the Redskins last year is laughable.. let's not forget the Redskins could not make any free agent additions at all last off-season. Let's also not forget that, while the NFC East has definitely seen better days, the AFC South is arguably the worst division in the history of the NFL. Titans, Jaguars, Texans... that's atleast 5 guaranteed W's for any mediocre team each year.
  6. It cracks me up that you believe "unnamed sources" from media personalities about a story that has no concrete substance behind it... All the players involved said the story was completely fabricated... I saw Garcon and Deangelo Hall doing TV interviews the past few days and they shot the story down completely... I think their view points hold a lot more weight than what a media personality reported from their "unnamed sources".... It's just another attempt to try and shoot down the kid RG3.... I'm kinda tired of the media just piling nonsense on the guy right about now... Time to talk a
  7. Yea they definitely have.. they are outcoaching Shanahan and son in the 2nd half
  8. Looks like the offensive line is breaking down. RG3 is progressing through his reads and finding the open guys. He's 18/21 for 165 yards passing and has 90 yards rushing... if anything I'd say he's the only reason the redskins havnt been blown out of this one...
  9. RG3 with a perfect game through 3 quarters
  10. 23 fumbles in 26 games... that number is ridiculously high but he's only lost 6 of them... i guess he's just a lucky guy
  11. Would probably explain the difference between speed and quickness... Every guy who runs a 4.3 40 isnt cut out to be a punt returner..
  12. He's basically done in Seattle... I wonder what team will take a chance on the guy..
  13. I knew this post would pop-up once I saw that RG3 pick. Lol!
  14. Drastik


    Anyone who has watched a Redskins game would look at that as a joke. That line (outside of Trent Williams) is dreadful... I've watched a handful of Redskins games and Morris has to break what seems like 3 or 4 tackles to get 3 yards.... Also seems like every time RG3 drops back theres a middle linebacker or defensive tackle coming up the middle almost untouched. And LOL @ the tyler polumbus mention... I think everyone in the league knows that he is the worst RT in the NFL...
  15. It's where the money is in the NFL... get used to it because it's not going to change... of the top 4 most valuable and revenue generating teams in the NFL, the NFC East has THREE... (Dallas, Washington, New York)
  16. 6-8 years? thats a bit of a stretch
  17. patriots got a real screw job... the karma from the tuck game is still alive...
  18. Drastik


    Eh.... basically everything you named is subjective... I don't see how it can be proven that he's better at any of those qualities... When I watch russell play, I see a guy who is great at buying extra time in the pocket and extending plays... he's also probably the best in the league when it comes to throwing 5 yard touchdown passes.... I swear he's gotta have atleast 10 of those this year... lol.... But on a serious note, I havn't seen any conclusive evidence that wilson reads coverages better... he really doesnt have to... or that he's a better team mate or leader... we aren't in eith
  19. Drastik


    Based off what I've seen from from all the QB's mentioned, I wouldn't... Not to take anything away from Russell Wilson, but he's probably got the easiest QB job in the NFL... Russell Wilson can throw for 80 yards and still win by 20 points. RG3 has to have a near flawless game, and put up nearly 35-40 points for the Redskins to even have a chance at winning... Let's be fair a little...
  20. Drastik


    Do you think if you inserted Russell Wilson or Cam Newton as Washington's QB that they would fare better?
  21. Drastik


    agreed... i'm not sure how anyone could say they'd take tannehill over griffin... that's just bitter spite.. lol.
  22. Drastik


    I think saying Tannehill or Kaepernick are better than Griffin is little bit of a stretch... kaepernick has been AWFUL. Also, out of all the "young" QB's who all get compared, Griffin is easily in the hardest position to succeed. He's certainly got the worst defense and worst offensive line... and probably the worst group of wide receivers. He's also playing in Washington, DC.... where the spotlight is ALWAYS on the guy. He could decline an interview and it would probably make the front page of ESPN... he doesn't have the luxury of a little bit of anonymity that guys like russell wilson or
  23. Drastik

    peyton vs rg3

    they were only up by 13 for the majority of the 4th quarter.. why would they have been in prevent for the entire second half? are you saying that philly didn't blitz not one time in the entire second half? that they had 5-6 DB's 30 yards off the ball on every play? if so, the coaches in philly are *.
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