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  1. This title is super duper funny!!! You can have Luck hand off to Adrian Peterson Jamal Charles in this case D cook or even mcaffry doesn't matter hell we can have ten elite RB on this team and stil not gain 1000 yard lol. Pls fix the Oline and the rest will fall into place. Elliot is a good RB notice I said GOOD he isn't elite not yet and only reason why Elliot and that QB from Mississippi did so well was because of that OLINE!!! You put both of them on our team and everybody on ESPN will say they're busts. So appreciate Luck for what he does with what talent we have on the Oline!!
  2. Safety huge frame!!! DB huge frame!!! Now a LB/DE with a high motor. I know I know we need to protect Luck but I'm happy we are going defense. Now we need a LB then Oline and maybe a RB late no more WR pls Ballard
  3. I like the pick defense I honestly don't care what position we draft as long as it's defense and Oline. Don't want another WR in the 1st round!! This pick will help our defense and it may seem ugly but it'll work. GJ Ballard and Pagano!!
  4. Honestly Revis will be the last true shut down corner ever. The way NFL is now with offense and ticky tack calls on defense. There will never be another true shut down corner. So with that said he is too old and we need young tall DB!!
  5. Can we bring in a duel threat in Adrian Peterson and Charles? With luck at the helm and those two backs wow can you imagine?
  6. We need a new GM no in house. No one that learned from Grigson. What about maybe gruden was the GM irsay wanted and not as a HC?
  7. Yes your dead on with that. Grigson first draft was great he hit on almost every single player. But what I meant is Grigson tried to reload in FA. We colts was in the top 5 teams in the NFL with a huge I mean a huge salary cap. And what did Grigson do sign a ton of horrible to average players at best to his team friendly contract. That's how Grigson destroyed this team!! And afternoon the first draft it was all down hill from there also!!
  8. I would give Grigson the Santa clause BOOT!!! Grigson took a playoff team short of a couple players to go further and destroyed it by being too smart for his own good. Yes he gives out good contracts but to average players at best in FA!! And he also misses way way too much in the draft. Honestly Pagano needs to go too. Pagano is a great coordinator at best and that's it!
  9. I appreciate your input and opinions as a colts fan. But to say we are close is something really far off!! Last year showed how the colts function without Luck. We can't have a team like this anymore. Houston has been through 7 franchise QB we went through 1 and we have 1 now. At least Houston can hang in there with top teams outside of the division with there defense. We need a new GM and HC. I love Pagano but his defense isn't working could be Grigsons fault! But I'm tired of Grigson drafting players that last 1-2 seasons then gets cut. Grigson destroyed this team. Grigson had a to
  10. Jim Harbaugh, Jon Gruden, Lez Miles, Art Briles. Those are the 4 I like my opinion only lol.
  11. Our most glaring need I know all colts nation agree. New HC and New GM. I say if Harbaugh doesn't win national title this year we can lure him away from Michigan. Let Harbaugh have control of the HC and GM needs. We need a true defense minded coach. Luck played for Harbaugh perfect for here. Michigan may not even make it to the playoffs because of last week lost to Iowa. Harbaugh will leave Michigan for the NFL espically if we have a QB in Luck.
  12. Yup Grigson isn't going to offer a third for a top ten LB/DE. That's not the Grigson way. He would only do this deal if we gave up a 1st like we did for Trent. Plus Collins is to young for a guy lile Grigson to trade for. He loves older FA that he thinks is good because of his smart football contracts given to them. Had Collins have the production and age as Trent Cole oh man Grigson would've been all over this trade.
  13. You know this team is heading into chaos. Wait till A Rod comes in next week * about losing to Falcons in a close game. I don't blame the players on offense. Yes we dropped a ton of balls this year. But if you had a defense like the Colts do it's hard to go out and give it your all every play. Plus the WR probably like why try to get open when Luck gets hit in 2-3 seconds of the ball being snapped. This team is super bad this year. Peyton is a GOAT the more we see this team play the more I appreciate Peyton. Luck is not Peyton not even Brady can be like Peyton. So Luck can't mask this
  14. Breaking news today and guess what we're not in the conversation. Jamie Collins a hybrid LB/DE a T Suggs type of player we need for Pagano defense scheme. Clevland landed Collins for a third round pick. Grigson will now probably offer a 1st for him to clevland smartest GM in the NFL.
  15. I'm surprised to see some people in here still backing up Grigson. Grigson had 4-5 years of signing FA that will help us get a ring. I'll name off some names he drafted and signed. Trent Ricky Jean Toler Werner Andre Johnson art jones cromartie right tackle from lions md the list goes on. Grigson had plenty of chances to get good FA but nope he out smarted himself paid for what he thought was average talent at a premium friendly team contract. Grisgson created the dream team part 2 what he failed to do when he was with the Eagles!
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