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  1. This was friggin brilliant. I said it on the thread for the previous episode, but I am just SO appreciative of them doing this for the fans. I absolutely love it.
  2. He looks REALLY good running the opponent's routes here. Very nice
  3. I really was expecting 32 for Taylor. I like the 20s better though I think. I'm probably going to order this jersey asap so hopefully he doesn't change numbers. Does anyone know if Colts.com or Fanatics or anyone do jersey exchanges in these situations? I wouldn't think so, but I guess I could see it.
  4. I kind of agree. However, with the Colts current situation it's not really an option, lol. I think 11 would be the only real option for Pittman, and I'd like that, but he'd probably have to pay up a little bit for it. Numbers are scarce with how many numbers we have retired or "reserved" which I expect will have to change eventually. 10 - Reece Fountain 11 - Chad Williams 12 - too soon? 13 - TY Hilton 14 - Zach Pascal 15 - Parris Campbell 16 - Ashton Dulin 17 - Philip Rivers 18 - retired 19 - retired 80 - Trey Burton
  5. I don't disagree with the bolded, at all. But even with that being the case, it's up to Kelly to perform well enough to beat out whoever is in front of him. If he doesn't do so, it's not somebody else's fault. Kelly has the head start in terms of knowing the system and having spent time with the coaches and teammates whereas Eason is coming in as a fresh faced 22 year old rookie. If they did perform similar, I'd argue that's a valid reason for declaring Eason the winner.
  6. They gave Hoyer and Brisset that much money despite already having Kelly on the roster, no? So wouldn't that speak to them not believing Kelly is as good as Hoyer/Brisset? You may disagree but it's clear from the actions of the team that they don't think Kelly has earned or deserves a starting shot. You hunting for excuses why Kelly hasn't earned the shot and then placing the blame for it on anyone other than Kelly, is exactly what I'm talking about in regards to your conspiracies. Now I don't know the entire history of NFL QB battles, even less so regarding 3rd stringers. Howe
  7. You are framing this as some intricate screw job conspiracy to not allow Kelly to play... and then declaring the theory as facts. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct and best answer, which is the Colts think/thought higher of Brisset and Hoyer than they did of Kelly. Now Hoyer is gone and Eason is here, and per Ballard, they will compete for the #3 spot. In your mind you've already declared that if Eason beats out Kelly that it's only because of his draft slot. Ballard has shown that he's unafraid to cut a 4th rounder the same year he drafted them if they aren't producing what th
  8. What a mess. Seems like a big middle finger to Aaron Rodgers, tbh. Even if you're ok with the Love pick, trading more draft picks to move up and get him is losing picks that could be used on weapons for Rodgers. Then with the picks they still had, they still didn't get Rodgers any weapons until later. They opted for another RB when Aaron Jones has been terrific. I just didn't get a lot of their draft. They just made the NFC Championship and the conference pretty wide open, imo. Making such a heavy focus on potential future payoffs instead of putting a little bit more into the immediate f
  9. Looks like his nickname is Big Cheese. I'm a fan already!
  10. How about DPJ to go with MPJ?
  11. Ball hawk former basketball player with torn ACL who takes some bad angles. DougDew is going to LOVE this pick </sarcasm> Sounds like a discount Hooker (hehe)
  12. I mean... Josh Jones is still sitting there and pick 64 is about to come down. I'd be just fine with that. Also several good guard prospects still there. Barring a huge run on OL, there's gonna be a good lineman there for us.
  13. We certainly have a good GM. Can't wait for the press conference tbh.
  14. Getting this jersey for sure. Finally get a (hopefully) productive player with my last name. He was also a LOT of fun to watch at Wisconsin.
  15. Irsay has a twitter contest for guessing the first 2 picks. I went with YGM and Claypool. I'm not sure Ballard can help himself with 2nd Rd edge rushers, lol. And Ballard loves measurables and Claypool is dripping with them. I can't really say any position, outside of kicker, would surprise me though. Going to be interesting for sure.
  16. Jags trying to trade up to 3. I really think QB is on their radar (as it should be)
  17. If these guys have good years and we let them walk, we're going to be swimming in 2022 comp picks
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