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  1. I think we do need some OLine, especially for depth since we're pretty barren there. That beinf said, if we spend both our first 2 picks on OLine, that's already one of the best units in the league, I'm probably going to be less than enthusiastic about it.
  2. I never said that you said that is what they should do.
  3. Taking a QB you don't believe in will set you back further...
  4. I'm going to tell you right now to stop chasing that dragon, lol. Only leads to heartache
  5. Talks would start at a first I would think. Not really an option for us this year and I don't think that'd be worth it anyway.
  6. I really don't want Eason. His two biggest knocks that I've heard are that he's bad under pressure and that his work ethic isn't good. I don't care if he can chuck it hard, it just sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  7. It's not a valid strategy. It's clear that we're trying to compete this year. We haven't really lost anyone of note and made (hopefully) huge improvements to 2 key positions. I don't see us going sub .500 this year and putting us in a position to trade up for one either Lawrence or Fields. Likely best case would be trading up to about where we were this year before the Buckner trade. We're going to have to either go FA or hit on a tier 2+ QB prospect this year or next. We aren't getting close to another Manning/Luck caliber prospect any time soon.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/theMMQB/status/1248732331721895936?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1248732331721895936&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbssports.com%2Fnfl%2Fnews%2Fwatch-lesean-mccoy-and-tredavious-white-revisit-the-day-vontae-davis-retired-at-halftime%2F This is just funny
  9. https://uni-watch.com/2020/04/09/how-do-you-spell-train-wreck-try-a-t-l/ I now know what the Colts’ upcoming uni changes will be. I can’t tell you what they are, but I can assure you that they are teeny-tiny. Most fans won’t even notice (although seasoned uni-watchers will, of course). I don’t know when they’ll officially announce these teeny-tiny changes, but I think we can safely assume that it’ll be before the start of the draft, which is slated to begin on April 23.
  10. That's exactly what I thought based on the title. This team is too good to bottom out like that... though if we did I imagine there'd be a whole lot of angry fan bases that we go from Peyton, Luck, then Trevor Lawrence
  11. I'm not holding my breath on that one. I think he can be a fine player, but there were definitely others I thought should go before him.
  12. I've definitely thought of a WR draft combo of MPJ and DPJ, lol. Though I think I'd prefer to take a CB, TE, or OT in Rd 2 instead of 2 WR... but still, would be fun.
  13. Man, we were so desperate for OL help, I was all about Norwell. Glad cooler heads prevailed, there!
  14. Including the first round, mine was easily Dorsett. Remember watching that at a bar with my wife and some friends (I was the only Colts fan) and I let loose a steady stream of obscenities. Landon Collins or Malcolm Brown on the board I thought were no brainers. Outside of the first was in that same draft, actually. I hadn't heard of D'Joun Smith before they announced his name on TV. (I was less into the whole draft process than I am now) Banogu was a head scratcher for me as well. I heard the rumblings beforehand that we were really high on him, but still think tha
  15. I'm fine with it, though I'll admit the excitement on the QB mystery on draft day just took a massive hit, haha. I would have been fine trading 13 for Chris Jones and an extra pick or 2, but it's not like Ballard plays loose with his draft picks. If he was willing to send the first rounder, then he REALLY likes the player. Let's get it, Buckner!
  16. I'm a HUGE Marlon Mack fan... but I wouldn't even want to pay him 10mm+. I guess with the new CBA it might change, but with all the extensions coming up and wanting to bring in some quality vets for that missing leadership, that 10mm+ would be better utilized on a rookie RB (this looks to be a pretty decent class at the position) and shoring up another position. Like I said, I love Mack, and if we pay him that much, so be it. I'll still be rooting the kid on. But that just seems like a lot of money when recent history tells you paying big money to a RB is going to be a decision
  17. Something like this is my guess: Burrow Young Tua Okudah Brown Love Herbert Kinlaw Wills Wirfs Jeudy Simmons
  18. I agree. It wouldn't make me think less of Ballard, necessarily, because we know it's an upcoming need. It would make me feel like 2020 was more of a punt than if we took a different, hoghly rated prospect. We're pretty sure that if we got one of the top 4 OT in this draft, that we got a probable LT to replace AC in 1 or 2 years. That's a position that takes premium draft capital, so addressing that when we have the chance to do so without trading up and spending more picks kind of makes sense to me. But with the current state of the team, taking a position of more immediate need would be mor
  19. I have to agree with this. Our OL at this point, in terms of round drafted, is 1, 1, 1, 4, 2. The idea that we draft an OT in Rd 1 to play RT and move Smith to RG would result in a 1, 1, 1, 2, 1... all of which would have been drafted by this franchise. That's an insane amount of resources spent on the OL when we're already getting top of the league performance from that unit. I am in 100% agreement that we need to draft 1 or 2 OL in this draft, with an OT by the end of day 2... but at some point you hit the point of diminishing returns. I wouldn't necessarily be mad about taking an OT in roun
  20. Diggs @ 34 would be something to consider, if he gets out of the first.
  21. Well... per RapSheet Chiefs are slapping the Franchise Tag on him today. Even if they're looking to tag and trade, that likely wouldn't go to a team in conference. Womp womp.
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