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  1. With the Ravens releasing Earl Thomas, I could see a Logan Ryan signing in the near future (not sure on BALs cap situation though)
  2. This was perhaps the hardest part of my acceptance of his retirement. We finally had a good o-line and an improving defense. I still don't think he's ever coming back, but having him behind this o-line would be fantastic, lol.
  3. Good. Bye. See ya. P.S.: He said he thought about it but will play... so there's that.
  4. If I had to guess it'd be snowboarding=Colorado=librul=weed or some other transitive property nonsense. As nonsensical as the left-field post directly before yours about MSNBC/CNN. Lot of that going around.
  5. When does his contract run out? After 2021?
  6. I'd take that bet, lol. Irsay didn't let him keep that money to watch him win another team a superbowl in the event he un-retired.
  7. I'm past it and moved on. I'm not putting any stock in this, but felt like posting just because it's out there. Oh boy....
  8. "For perspective, Leonard is the only player in league history to record 250+ tackles, 10.0+ sacks, 5+ interceptions, and 5+ forced fumbles after his first two seasons in the NFL." Maniac.
  9. As a guy who was raised on Hoosier basketball and went to college in Kentucky... that Colt's NBA jersey looks much too Wildcatty for my taste. *shudder*
  10. Same, I've just never bothered to look it up. Now is as good a time as any, I suppose, haha. According to google: "Everyone remembers the boy called Nuk (pronounced "Nuke") -- the nickname stemming from Hopkins' penchant for chewing through Nuk brand pacifiers as a baby -- as an introspective, soft-spoken child."
  11. I agree. They have some talent in their WR room. But nobody is replacing Nuk. Trading him with 3 years left on his deal is just crazy and I really don't think they come out ahead there. Watson will surely miss him.
  12. I'd take the under in a heartbeat. We haven't won in JAX in like 5 years, right? New QB in a shortened offseason and we typically start slow anyway. I'm not sure I'd even put money on us winning this one. I think we should win this... but recent history is against us 2x here.
  13. C'mon. Can't you think of something bold?
  14. I agree with your point, but to the bolded I'd just like to say neither was Parris Campbell. If both of them can stay healthy, it's going to be FUN to see them progress throughout the year.
  15. I still believe this year is kind of a one-off all in kind of deal. I could see us making a playoff run, potentially developing into outside SB contenders... but after the season we let most of these 1 year deal additions walk and try to rake in 2022 comp picks for when Eason or a QB-to-be-named-later takes over. Resigning our core pieces over the next 2 offseasons will take a very good chunk of cap space and it just looks like, to me, a good time to try and load up on future picks while maintaining the young core. I'm sure I'm missing something that drags this theory to the ground
  16. BOB is a terrible GM but even he wouldn't trade Watson in-division. I'm also curious to see how well Watson does without a top 3 receiver to bail him out.
  17. Quick glance looks like a favorable schedule. That 3rd place schedule helps (Jets and Raiders). AFC/NFC North looks like it should be at the very least 50% Ws (Bears/Lions and Bengals/Browns) and the only for sure Colts underdog game is the Ravens. Steelers/Packers/Vikings could be favored but I don't see them a much better than us, if at all. We need to take care of the division (win at least 4/6) and all else should fall in place to get back to the playoffs. I'll predict opening up on the road against the Jets.
  18. So that's IF he balls out and IF he stays healthy in which case we pay him more than he would have got anyway. Or IF Blackmon gets healthy and IF he is as good as or better than Hooker (I don't see how we'll have enough information on that front after this year with his late ACL tear, recovery, and then the additional year or so needed to get back to trusting the knee. Hooker's 5th year would have been very good in evaluating that). I stick by it. I'm not a fan. It's not a big surprise, but we're back down on the safety depth next season.
  19. Not a fan of this move. I think another year at that salary is more than reasonable. Creating a need we don't have to a year early. Oh well.
  20. 100% Taylor. I'm a big Marlon Mack fan and love how he can keep runs going with his jump cut and stiff arms... but I just think Taylor is that top tier level RB that you see in the league. As good as Mack has been he's not been in the Saquon/Zeke/Gurley/Bell/CMac tier. I think JT can be. It will also be interesting to see how we use Pittman and what he can bring. I'm very intrigued by Blackmon but I'm not really going to use any playing time that he could possibly get in 2020 as much evidence, since he should honestly probably just sit out the whole year. I hope we don't see P
  21. The volume discrepancies are SO BAD when I listen. One dude is louder than the others and I have to crank it to hear them and then turn it down when the other guy starts talking. They also don't typically lead into their commercials so they just cone on at 200% volume out of nowhere. Annoying. They also are a terrible representation of the fandom with their unnecessary and relentless attacks on Titans fans. I'm all for a good rivalry and ribbing, but these dudes just don't shut the hell up about them ever. Not a fan. Used to like Danely too but he should have stayed "retired" or whatever. For
  22. Rivers Hilton Leonard Nelson Buckner
  23. Cap space isn't really an issue is it? I think, due to all the 1 year contracts, we are currently projected the most cap space in the league again next year. Obviously extensions would cut into that number a bunch, but if we wanted to, I think we could sign Clowney without too much cap worry. I just don't think we want to sign him.
  24. I agree and think that's the correct way to look at things. Don't allow good to become the enemy of great (or however that saying goes)
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