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  1. This is what I fear I will have to look at until Luck wins a SB. In my mind AL>RW isn't even up for debate. Number 1 defense, beast mode, an averaging under 200 ypg in the playoffs is not carrying a team at the QB position. He did what he had to do, and was efficient at it. That's still not enough for me to even begin to consider he's above Andrew Luck. Every B/R, ESPN, and NFL.com page I visit now will be overrun with these Seahawks fans, and it breaks my heart.
  2. With all the underclassmen that declared this year, I think it makes sense that there should be more talented players that don't get drafted. Let's hope Grigs can get some nice pickups!
  3. Interesting, I must have missed that. Maybe I had my homer glasses on but I remember thinking it was as simple a call as could be made.
  4. Regarding the "incomplete" catch that was clearly a forced fumble by Davis? I remember watching him take three steps while tucking the ball and turning upfield. I saw that they came out and said they got the blocked field goal call wrong in the Steelers/Packers (?) game, so I was just wondering if this play got any consideration. That's two REVIEWED calls that have been screwed up in the past 3 games. I have a bad feeling about the playoffs this year. Any team could see their season go poof because of incompetent referees.
  5. Not sure if serious..... (Read the post again, if you are being serious)
  6. Unless I'm mistaken the 49ers haven't lost back to back games since Harbaugh got there either. Something's got to give. I hope you're right, though!
  7. Week 1: 9/15 (9-6) Week 2: 12/15 (12-3) Total: 21/30 (21-9) Week 3 Matchups HOU @ BAL NYG @ CAR GB @ CIN STL @ DAL CLE @ MIN TB @ NE ARI @ NO SD @ TEN DET @ WAS ATL @ MIA BUF @ NYJ JAC @ SEA IND @ SF CHI @ PITT OAK @ DEN
  8. A mid-late first rounder for a 3rd overall in a two year old draft isn't too much of a price, I don't think. I'm just wondering, was Richardson's draft position scrutinized when he was picked? I honestly don't remember. If so, does anyone see a pattern regarding DHB and Trent? Over drafted players that we get at a (semi) reduced price. I really hope this works out, as the running back corps looks like a strength now with T. Rich, Bradshaw, and Ballard when he returns. Now if only we could protect our quarterback and open lanes for these backs.
  9. Yes, not ONE penalty on the Dolphins. That IS unheard of and I think there was one or two calls that should have been blown. No matter how you look at it though, I feel they out played us. It's not often that I can say a straight football game was played but this was one. They beat us, and I'm ok with that. We showed so much improvement. I think Werner and the pass rush looked good, even if our containment didn't. I haven't looked at the stats, but watching the game I feel like we played a good game and we were just outdone. I was hoping for a comeback in the fourth, but having Brown i
  10. This. There will always be bad calls that go both ways, but putting Brown in to block instead of Bradshaw I think lead directly to the sack. The dolphins won this game fair and square. We knew it would be a hard fought game with a couple calls making the difference. It has worked to our favor in the past, this time it didn't. Next week will be tough, looks like we're going to face a 1-2 record going into the Jaguars game. We win that and we're 2-2 facing a Seahawks game. THAT game sets the tone for the whole year, to me. If we beat them, we make the playoffs. Remember, we won a lot mo
  11. And I agree, that was a TERRIBLE pass from Luck for that INT. This new NCO was supposed to cut down on those and so far it has, but that was a bad pass, regardless.
  12. I thought the play calling was MUCH better than last week. We passed when we needed to, and ran when it worked. I was actually impressed in the play calling department, when compared to last week. This loss, to me, was based on them making plays when they needed to, and us not doing the same. I thought It was a pretty well played game (with a few missed passes by Luck in the first half), but their D stepped up when it mattered and ours didn't, Dolphins won this game. Congrats to them.
  13. I was watching the game in a bar that didn't have sound on for this game. I was wondering this as well. Good call? Bad call? Either way, the momentum shifted this play. (As well as Coby Fleener's)
  14. I seriously hope you mean first round, not number one overall. I'm trying to brace myself for facing off against Teddy Bridgewater and/or Jadeveon Clowney next year. I've seen a projection where OAK/JAC/TEN pick top three with Clowney/Bridgewater/Boyd go in that order. I'm not looking forward to facing any of those in the AFC South. I don't think TEN will pick that high up, but I see Bridgewater in Jacksonville as a serious possibility and I think that it will GREATLY improve the Jaguars. If TEN can get another playmaker or two on defense and a legit QB (I don't buy Locker one bit) they c
  15. I think what kills me is that if I was just a casual fan I would take this info as fact. It's bad enough my girlfriend and her whole family are Patriots fans, the majority of my friends from college are Titans fans, and I now live in the Chicago area where it's Bears or you're wrong. I simply can't deal with defending the Colts against an error-filled "professional." It's just too much, I tell you. Too much!
  16. Exactly. It also wasn't played in Miami. I just found it humorous that he wasn't just wrong, he was completely wrong. I've always enjoyed watching Dameshek's NifL segments, but now I know not to take anything he says regarding actual football events seriously.
  17. I could see it happening. As it was with the Colts/Patriots winning their divisions each year, I can see the Colts/Dolphins starting off (as of last year) as 2nd in their divisions and the Patriots/Texans slipping in the next year or so moving us up along with the Dolphins. Of course, this is all just what-if and it would take a lot for this to happen. Plausible, though.
  18. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000243633/article/what-to-watch-for-tips-for-week-2-games I don't know if anyone has seen this, but Dave Dameshek predicts that Ryan Tannehil will go 2-0 against Luck and the Colts after the Dolphins victory in Miami last year. ~5:20 mark.
  19. He gets no sympathy from me. His actions and reactions throughout the Draft process and the bold as all get out statement of guaranteeing a playoff appearance makes me feel like he asked for the fire. Don't get burned, Geno.
  20. I'd LOVE to have a true feature back here. I don't think Tate will be that guy, though. I think with a strong year this year he's going to try and get a big pay day. At least more than Grigson would be willing to pay. I'm ok with that as I think the Ballard injury was just a freak thing and he's proven to be durable through college and last year. I'd like the FA money to go towards some decent O-Line depth and maybe some secondary depth as well. I guess it depends what we do with Bradshaw and how K Williams does after this year. Either way, I'm nowhere near ready to start thinking about
  21. Hahaha, I'm crying! "Thanks, Reggie." Thank you for that!
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