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  1. If we take Chubb in round 1 and I see either Landry or Key available with our 2nd, I'm thinking REALLY hard about doubling up and hoping our DE/EDGE position is set for the future.
  2. I love Taven Bryan. If he falls to the 2nd I would have no problem picking him up there. Or if we did the Buffalo trade for their 2 ones, I could see targeting him. The issue I've seen brought up with him is that he is basically all projection. He hasn't produced like Watt even though people are comping him as such. He is a guy who seemingly would need MORE development than Chubb.
  3. Please create a new topic so that we can discuss this further!
  4. Weren't all reports this weekend that Frazier was Irsay's guy?
  5. Again with the nonsense. Check out the post you just quoted where I clearly stated I don't have a favorite quite yet, based on the 3 reported names. The fact that you can't even read the full post that you are replying to is exactly the type of crap you routinely pull and why I don't give one damn about having your respect.
  6. This whole thread is ridiculous. There's actually a post in here that says we should hire based on breeding.... We're talking about humans being qualified because of breeding. Ridiculous. JShipp demands that everyone who disagrees with him, in every ridiculous thread he creates, explain their reasons to him, which is fair enough I guess even though most of the over the top comments he makes are easy enough to spot where the disagreement comes from. But whenever someone asks him why he thinks that way or what could possibly make his idea seem rational to him, he comes back with "jus
  7. I can always count on 3 or 4 posters here to bring the nonsense. Love it.
  8. Florio can still go to hell.
  9. Lol, we ain't getting anything. No rules broken. Just a changed mind with no contract signed. He's a punk for it... but we won't get, and shouldn't get, anything.
  10. I look forward to the combine and reading some detailed write ups on him to get a better idea. Like I said, if we think he can be a shutdown CB, I'll take that over a G all day. Since I don't know that, I have to fall back on the "safer" pick of the two, while factoring in need as well. If he does hit that Jalen level and we got him, holy cow, that secondary could jump to one of the top units in the league.
  11. I would lean more towards Nelson, I think, if only because I'm not yet sold on Minkah at outside corner a la Jalen Ramsay. If we're confident he could be a shutdown CB1 then I could get behind that... but right now that doesn't seem to be the thought and Nelson is just a flat out monster.
  12. Think Dez would wear a different #? (I honestly would pass on Dez, but if he somehow found his way, do we let him wear 88?)
  13. You're right. I'm going to go ahead and pull it down to avoid derailing topic. In my defense though, I didn't open the can of worms, lol.
  14. If Barkley is a dud and the lack of extra picks leaves gaping holes on the team, then the Colts would look pretty stupid passing on a trade down scenario and still not having any pass rush. To the bolded, that's just called bad drafting. Of course if the first round pick and all other picks obtained from a trade down don't pan out the Colts would look stupid. But so would 31 other teams in the same scenario.
  15. I do agree Barkley has the potential to be great. I don't dispute that. What I do dispute is the notion that he would provide more of an improvement to our team as a whole than a great pass rusher. Furthermore, the difference in impact from a 2nd tier running back compared to a top tier one is much smaller, imo, than the difference in impact between top/2nd tier pass rushers. That discrepancy in replacement value is where I, and many others I presume, have an issue with being told RB is the only way to go here.
  16. Because when he watches Barkley play he says wow to himself. He does not say wow to himself when he watches Chubb play. That means HOF and best player in the league, duh!
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