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  1. Admittedly, Mo Hurst is a draft crush of mine. If we traded back to 12 and took him I'd personally have zero issues with it. I definitely see where that may be "over valued" to others though.
  2. If we end up doing the Bills trade, I've thought a LOT about a Hurst/Evans first round haul.
  3. They called him a ball of butcher knives on GMFB this morning. That gave me some pause actually, lol.
  4. That's an ugly * hat. I like the horsepower on the inside... But the front of the cap looks like a fan submitted Photoshop idea.
  5. A thought I keep coming back to is if we do decide to trade back with Miami/Buffalo/Arizona and target McGlinchey if he's there. Get the top T and then grab a G in the 2nd. Only problem is that takes some premium potential assets from the new defense. Can't wait until the draft!
  6. Everything I have heard is that we're switching to a 4-3 Tampa 2 style defense again under Eberflus. Lots of Edmunds fans wanting to draft him as a MIKE for our D. What are your thoughts on him there?
  7. And then he adjusted his protest so as to not be disrespectful after speaking to a veteran. People still wanted to be offended.
  8. So where, in the text you provided, does the anthem say one nation under god? The only thing I said was that line was in the pledge, not the anthem, as you attributed it in your response to colt18's post. I will say that while in writing we may be all about equality, in practice we have not been clear. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you believe that more gun laws won't help because criminals don't follow the laws. It's the same thing with equality for all. Just because it's written down doesn't mean it's happening. Methinks thou doth protest too much.
  9. I think most of these guys will be gone by the picks they're going at here... but that said, this draft would have me VERY excited. Those first 3 picks would be amazing for our defense.
  10. Dude, that's the pledge.... not the anthem. 'Murica.
  11. I'd think Hurst would have to be taken at 12 of we want him. Possibly 22. Unfortunately, I don't think he falls out of the first round. Part of me wants to try to grab both Hurst and Taven Bryan somehow and get this D- line purring.
  12. Oh, brother. What's the over/under on number of posts before this thread gets locked?
  13. I've been thinking about this possibility a lot. If I'm the Bucs I don't know what's stopping me from doing exactly this.
  14. That makes this a better signing then. Still not a huge Ebron fan (yet)
  15. Griffin in rd 2? I'd be irate.
  16. We're looking for smaller D-Linemen, right? If Maurice Hurst falls because of his heart thing, he would be a steal at the top of Rd 2. Same with Taven Bryant, maybe?
  17. How many times has Ballard said that he'svery focused on how sogmomgs will affect the locker room? Suh would be a complete and total reversal of what he's been preaching. Miami let him go in order to facilitate a culture change. This does NOT seem like something Ballard would go for (and honestly I would agree with him here)
  18. I think so. Big part of the new defense is supposed to be getting pass rush/pressure from front 4. I don't know much(read: anything) about this guy, but I understand targeting d-line.
  19. Lol, we go from his 40 time where Twitter blows up saying he could end up a #2 overall, to his 3 cone time where now people here are saying he's no good now. Busy day in crazytown.
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