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  1. I believe that's still the case for LOS. I looked it up a few weeks ago when I was looking into some potential tickets. I personally can't justify buying a tucket for my 7 month old son, lol. Won't be taking him for a good 3 or 4 years.
  2. Eh, had just as much to do with the drugs that were so prevalent in my hometown and a lot of the people I grew up with. But the "values" of most of the people I know there were definitely a driving force. Only so many times you can hear "there's a difference between (group of people) and (slur)" before you realize it's time to go.
  3. Lol, I love the Colts but sometimes I forget they're in Indiana... Then I see some posts here and remember exactly why I left.
  4. We didn't get to go to the actual draft where they take the stage and all that, we just went to Draft Town where they had all the events set up and photo ops. For Friday/Saturday they read the names on a stage outdoors but I couldn't figure out how to get tickets or if I could just walk up and take a seat. We got there early though so by the time that was going we were about ready to leave.
  5. Lived in Bowling Green, KY (1 hr north) for 6 years so the wife and I will definitely take this opportunity to visit friends and check out the draft. We had a blast when it was up here in Chicago.
  6. Oh yeah, good stuff. There's only a couple of 3Floyds that I haven't been a fan of so far.
  7. This was very interesting to me and I feel it should be noted and taken into account for future pre-draft expectations: "I'll tell you this though: wideouts the most overgraded position in the draft. There's a million of them."
  8. A big name that you've heard of! Let's see what new and exciting ways our fan base can come up with to % on this pick too!
  9. Another kid who had a great all star week. I can dig it.
  10. Yeah, I definitely get it. Was just a personal favorite of mine. On to the next one, haha.
  11. This one hurts. Hurst was my big draft crush this year and we traded away the 5th round pick that could have gotten a first round talent. I assume he was off our board anyway, but I'll be following his career closely.
  12. Hurst (!!! At some point the risk becomes worth it and that time is now to me) Griffen Holton Hill Crosby JC Jackson Scales Cobbs Meeks Okoronkwo Genard Avery Mata'afa
  13. For the love of.... Y'all are insufferable. Bunch of whiny twits.
  14. Hopefully Smith earns it. Both have that nastiness and would help transform the entire unit.
  15. A very meat and potatoes draft. If anyone is upset about getting 3 day 1 starters in the first 2 days of the draft, then that's a "them" problem, not a Colts problem. The pass rushers likely won't be starting but will keep the rotation with fresh legs and both Turay and Lewis are talented players. Not sure why Lewis over Hubbard but we also haven't seen this scheme yet and aren't sure what to expect. People need to calm the heck down and stop with the tantrums. We have 2 extremely talented new interior OL starters to protect 12 and open running lanes, and the sideline to sideline LB that we n
  16. Yeah, I don't get it. But after last year's draft, they've earned the benefit of the doubt.
  17. This place is going to be so much fun when Nelson is on the board and Ballard trades back or takes a LB/DB instead.
  18. If he's there at our first 2nd round pick I'll be screaming for us to take him. Is this not exactly the kind of guy we are looking to replace Hankins with?
  19. I've been watching a LOT of NFLN lately and I just assumed it was because I'm so far gone into draft mode that I'm just willing to listen to whatever segments they put out. I just now realized what the actual reason may be.... No Heath freaking Evans. Was he fired or does he just not do draft stuff? The shows like Total Access and Up to the Minute are so much more enjoyable without having to listen to that meathead slob all over Belichick and attempt (and fail) to add anything at all of value. Kind of a random topic, but I can't believe I just realised that he hasn't
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