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  1. Exactly this. Ideally, I'd like someone like Cain or a day 2 draft pick to show that they can be our #2. I really think we should keep Inman and he'd be a top tier #3. Rogers/Pascal/Fountain(assuming he progresses)/other could fight for #4/5. Receiving corps would feel a lot more solid, IMO.
  2. Both Mariota and Jurrell Casey got injured this week. Mariota also left during our last game. Could be huge for us. Especially if Kelly is out.
  3. I definitely jumped up and started clapping like crazy. My 11-month old copied me. I've never been more proud.
  4. My girl Kay Adams had a nice segment on Darius Leonard this morning on GMFB on NFL Network proclaiming him DROY. So that's nice.
  5. Yeah... I spent a lot of my day off today flipping between the talk shows and checking for internet clips and the coverage was overwhelmingly Cowboys-centric despite the fact that they just got mollywhopped. A whole lot of "give the Colts credit, but...." followed by more in depth Cowboys coverage. Pretty frustrating, if only for how blatant it is. Ah well, what can you do?
  6. Why is that? I'd think that if he hit the market and Eberflus pulled for him, he'd definitely be in consideration.
  7. I understand that the first quarter wasn't good. No one said it was. But let's not act like Dallas did ANYTHING for the first 3 quarters of their game yesterday either. I'll take the Colts single bad quarter over the Cowboys 3 all day. Saying we need to put together 4 quarters is something that can and is said every single week so this whole thing is kind of pointless.
  8. I'm all for Bell getting paid. The way teams can franchise a guy multiple times and hold them "hostage" (albeit at a high salary and cap hit) is something that I think should definitely be addressed in the next CBA. It's especially bad for RBs who have that dreaded 30yo label instantly dropping perceived value. All that in mind, I just don't see Ballard resetting the market for an old (in RB terms) RB who has been run into the ground. That same player's teammates raided his locker and were talking trash about him earlier in the season while his late round draft pick replacement has
  9. I REALLY think those of you dead-set on signing Bell are going to be disappointed. Ballard has repeatedly said he's trying to build a strong locker room. When it comes to free agents, especially high priced guys, the team sees that and so they have to be a strong locker room presence and leader. Bell is looking for WR1 money and his former teammates had zero issue calling him out and raiding his locker when he didn't show. Not exactly sticking out as a leader. He's very good... but he'll be a 30 year old running back on the back half of his career looking to shatter the market. I'm 95% sure Ba
  10. Both Wilkins and Hines are drafted rookies and have shown promise. But one of them HAVE to go? Cycling through draft picks before they get any chance to develop is one way to destroy your team that emphatically wants to build through the draft.
  11. Absolutely. This is year one in a new scheme with a new coaching staff. We've made HUGE strides this season but fans get spoiled and entitled easily and as soon as something doesn't go their way, the tantrums start. We're doing just fine. Obviously not a good game, but definitely a learning/humbling moment for this young team.
  12. It really is amazing how much 1 game can swing the entire mood of this board. Last week it was Reich for COTY and nothing but love for Eberflus. Now Reich is an * and Eberflus is getting knocked for a game in which his D allowed 6 points. This loss is entirely on the offense. Questionable play calling with below average execution. Never got into a rhythm and the officiating was up and down in terms of what penalties they were calling and when. Just not our week. Everyone relax.
  13. Young teams that have exceeded all expectations do, though. We definitely *should* win this game, but not really being able to game plan for their offense (new qb/coordinator) along with the potential of underestimating JAX means I wouldn't be surprised at all if we lost this game. Growing pains happen. To only accept total domination is a recipe for disappointment with such a young team in year 1 of a new scheme, imo.
  14. Usually I'd be adamantly against this idea and preach taking the defenders in this class. However, to me it just depends how late in the 1st we're drafting and how many defensive players come off the board before us. I might take the WR2 over DL7 or CB5. Offenses have taken the reigns even moreso this year and if there's a receiver that can take us from good/dangerous to great/lethal, I don't think I'd be too upset about it.
  15. To me, this isn't that complicated. Option 1: Resign Jacoby to a worthy high quality backup deal that is front loaded. Ensures that we have a competent backup quarterback familiar with the system and uses some of our mandated spent cap space without overpaying on outside free agent. Option 2: Trade for a 4 or higher, including the possibility of packaging with a draft pick to get an extra or elevated pick. Option 3: Try to trade him before deadline next year for minimal return but injury assurance next year. (Or before the season if a starter goes down)
  16. This seems like a fair assessment. Revisionist history aside, Pagano was always known as a coach players would run through a brick wall for. They may not have always been coached the best way to get through that brick wall, but they were ready and willing to do it for that man. He's a great guy and helped make it easy to cheer for the Colts during the Peyton/Andrew transition, which wasn't easy for many (I thought it was the right move, but it wasn't clear cut). Didn't end up well, but I'll always view Pagano in a positive light... even while acknowledging the wasted years on Andr
  17. He definitely lowered his helmet. That said, when you start fining offensive linemen in the name of player safety, when they literally smack helmets every play, that's bush league. I would think the Colts could cover this fine since their doctored footage of the play pulled so much attention towards it.
  18. Exactly this. I was a Mack fan pre-draft (though admittedly it was based on hoghlight film) and when we drafted him I was excited. Went to the 49ers at Colts game last year when he had a great redzone run. Went woth my 49ers buddy and that run drew a "MARLON FREAKIN MACK!" out of me. Ever since, that's been my chant when he gets the ball. If you get him some space to make the first guy miss, this kid looks like McCoy. His durability has been an issue so far, so that's a fair gripe. With any luck in the health department though, he's definitely up to snuff for starting RBs.
  19. That's the impression I came away with as well. I saw a thread started about this topic, but apparently it was during the game so it got locked. He's not racking up the INTs like last year, but best believe opposing QBs are looking at where he's at and adjusting.
  20. Looks like the same NFL Films episodes that aored earlier this summer on NFLN. If you missed them the first time around, check em out!
  21. Ugh, I've lost my mind. The whole central vs eastern time zone didn't even register for me. Sorry everyone, I sincerely did not mean to flake on the draft. I'll be extra busy this season on the waivers trying to get my team up to snuff (my auto-drafted RB game is severely struggling). Good luck everyone!
  22. Might have been able to sustain a drive a little better with Wilkins in. As soon as he got in he was finding holes to pumch through.
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