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  1. How is Seattle so high on this list? Yikes.
  2. I'd be all for it. I think Ballard would too, assuming character and medical checks are good. This would definitely fit into the building for the long term strategy that's been discussed.
  3. I'd wait until after next year at least. If he has another good season I can see it making sense to go ahead and lock him down.
  4. Always the super bowl. But that's not a realistic premise. Going all in and super agressive in Free Agency in no way guarantees anything. Nowhere close.
  5. Has Bryce Callahan signed anywhere yet? Pretty good slot corner that should come at a good value and help improve our depth.
  6. To add to that, the dumb stuff he started doing was because he shifted into "win right now" mode instead of continuing to build the foundation. He failed spectacularly. Everyone clamoring for all the big names and monster contracts, try to remember what the "exciting" offseasons prior ended up leaving us with. We got 3 straight 11-5 years but ultimately never had a solid core and couldn't handle adversity. #LetBallardWork
  7. Oh FFS, free agency STARTS TODAY. We will be active in FA, kist like we were last year. We just won't give out long term bad value contracts. Stop crying (not you necessarily, but all the chicken littles) because Papa Ballard didn't give you the present you wanted. When in doubt, look to @PrincetonTiger for famous words of wisdom.
  8. All I can say is suck it up, buttercup. Ballard has said exactly what his philosophy is and what he will look to do since day 1. If some people choose to ignore that and believe that he should go after the "big fish" just because he has cap space... well that's not a Ballard problem. Not like this FA class was particularly impressive anyway. Just sit back, watch Ballard grab key contributors for significantly less. Grigson was big into the splash signings early in FA. Perhaps you'd all like to go back to that?
  9. If he comes here for a year and balls out, then we have the inside track to re-sign him if we so choose. If he gets a massive payday elsewhere then we get the comp pick. We'll be hoping Cain/Fountain breaks out and are in a position to draft another good prospect or two in this year's draft. Funch signing lessens the pressure on those young guys to produce, but also will easily be able to be cast aside if someone does break out. IMO, that's why paying the premium to Funch in exchange for no future security, was a good move. I would have liked a Tyrell Williams or Adam Humphries, bu
  10. Thanks for creating a thread for this. I was having a hard time finding whether or not anyone was disappponted with free agency so far. This was much needed.
  11. That's EDGE money. Good for Mosley.
  12. Absolutely. I've been seeing him slip in mocks as well. If he's there at 26, I'd be more than happy if Ballard selected him.
  13. I saw it reported that we were the other finalist along with Washington. Glad Ballard backed off when the numbers got too high. Good discipline. Plenty of safeties on the market this year.
  14. Bad timing, but sounds like Perryman just got extended, lol.
  15. Sounds like their giving up a 2020 5th for Bennett and a 2020 7th. Sounds worth it for them while they figure out their next pass rusher.
  16. So far that definitely looks to be an outlier. A total overreaction. He is rising up boards and mocks currently, but being that high seems completely outlandish so far. He's not in the Saquan/Fournette/Zeke area of prospects from what I've been able to find. In those top tier guys we had been hearing about them the whole year or more before the draft, and Jacobs is just now getting some press. He may be a first rounder, but I would think top 10 is a little (a lot) rich.
  17. Absolutely not. But you could put a list of the 31 other kickers in front of me and get the same answer. At 57 yards it's way too high of a risk to be confident that anyone would hit it. I might give it a shot, but wouldn't be confident. However, I'm still more confident having Vinatieri making kicks than I would be with all but a select few kickers in the NFL. If he wants to come back I'm all for it.
  18. Report earlier today was that several teams have reached out and that he's probably going to be signed sooner rather than later.
  19. Pretty sure I've seen every single one of these picks, with the exception of the last one, mocked in the first round on various mocks that I've come across. So... Super realistic, lol. Here's hoping! 26: R1P26 DL CHRISTIAN WILKINS CLEMSON 34: R2P2 EDGE BRIAN BURNS FLORIDA STATE 58: R2P26 WR N'KEAL HARRY ARIZONA STATE 89: R3P25 CB JULIAN LOVE NOTRE DAME 128: R4P26 DL RASHARD LAWRENCE LSU 135: R4P33 S C GARDNER-JOHNSON FLORIDA 165: R5P26 LB D
  20. Reports are Miami is planning on tanking for Tua (or Herbert). Jacoby might be too good for their plans,
  21. I had no idea we had him. Thanks for informing me! Boehm did fine, but the difference, especially when watching our run game, was glaring when he had to go in. We could do much worse than Boehm to be sure... But we could do better as well. That would be my preference. Not that controversial.
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