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  1. The only FA that I'd be pounding the table for, IF they were allowed to walk, is Chris Jones. He'll probably command a top 1-3 DT contract, but has played up to that so far. Would really set our DLine over the top and improve the entire defense. I'm not sure why KC would let him leave, but if for some reason he did, he'd be the only guy I wouldn't mind Ballard getting into a bidding war for. I'm with OP on this one. No-brainer.
  2. I don't think Ballard will trade up in the 1st for a WR. Any WR. Ever. He's pretty much said that WR are severely overvalued in the draft. I personally wouldn't be mad if he did though. I'd probably prefer to go for a QB if there's one he loves, but I wouldn't get mad about it. I'm just excited to see how he handles the situation of needing a franchise QB in the next year or two.
  3. Eh, not equal comparisons IMO. We made Cherilus the highest paid RT if I remember correctly. So that's a huge chunk of cap to a player that ended up not helping the team much. For wide receiver we had Funchess on a 1 year prove it deal but still had the most cap space in the league after signing. Fountain/Cain/Campbell were all draft picks in the last 2 years that were understood to need some development. They're still on cheap rookie contracts. Grigson's picks and FA pickups have already played out. I felt really bad for Thomas, as I thought it was a good signing but guy just got a new
  4. Shhhh.... don't upset the narrative. Broken bones falls squarely on the strength and conditioning staff. Plyometrics and whatnot. Pliability. Et cetera. Ballard's fault! Bad play calling! It's the team's lack of killer instinct that's causing these injuries. I don't see the Patriots with several broken bones. We suck.
  5. Cheers to that! I think Ballard should be able to get us back on track, I just think it might take a little longer than what we were expecting heading into this season. I'm ready to see what's in store though!
  6. I understand that. It was the right thing to say. But just because he says "it's not ever about just one guy" doesn't mean that one guy isn't the most impactful person you could lose. The one guy we lost right before the season started was definitely the most impactful person we could have possibly lost. Those two statements aren't mutually exclusive. Both can be, and are, true.
  7. When that player is a top 5 QB in his prime and the team was being built with the expectation of having that guy for the next 6 years at least, yes. Yes it does. I know Ballard would never say it publicly, and he shouldn't, but the fact is QB is the most important position in team sports for a reason. He was a generational prospect viewed in the Elway/Peyton stratosphere. He can't be replaced easily. We can do our best, and get someone better than we have now, hopefully, but the rebuild absolutely took a hit when he retired. We have to move forward, no doubt, but people here acting like real
  8. This thread is amazing. The overall roster is much better than it was when Ballard took over. We were looking like a deep playoff run was likely until our Top 5, franchise, blue chip QB unexpectedly retired 2 weeks before the season started. Up to that point, the team was being built under the impression that that guy would be leading our offense and that we would likely be able to play from a lead or at least catch up quickly when the need arises. Instead, we're now playing as a ground and pound offense that struggles to get chunk yardage and put up points consistently. Defens
  9. #4 was definitely most frustrating to me during the game. Maybe it's because I watch so many Pats games (where they do crossing patterns all day), but not being able to put the ball where it needs to be on those crossers is infuriating. I don't mind the dink and dunk if we can accurately and surely move get those 5-6 yard completions... but when the receivers constantly have to turn back or slow down to attempt to catch the ball, especially in the endzone, they're drive killers.
  10. I agree with this. I thought anywhere from 6-10 to 9-7 was likely, once we got the Luck retirement news. That's exactly where we're looking to finish. The thing that sucks is that we started so hot it looked like we were going to exceed those expectations. At the start of the season I don't think many thought we would end up with a much better record than we're on pace for now. Everybody just needs to breathe.
  11. To be fair, the difference between Mariota to Tannehill is basically non-existent when compared to the difference between Luck to Brissett. It's not even close.
  12. Just curious, which elite WR are you wanting us to sign? Doing a quick google search, there's only 3 that could be considered anywhere close to elite, and that's being generous. AJ Green, who is getting older and injury prone. Josh Gordon, who has well documented severe red flags and hasn't been close to the elite receiver he was before all his suspensions. Amari Cooper, who probably isn't walking from Dallas and if he was has been one of the most up and down, inconsistent receivers in the league.
  13. Is this referencing Manning and Luck? Because, as good as Burrow/Tua/Herbert may be, none is Manning/Luck caliber as a prospect. Like... not even close. We're also not bottoming out, as much as the board may make it seem like we are. We got struck by lightning twice, and the last time was just a half strike. Unless we totally bottom out next year, AND Lawrence ends up being the guy people thought he was coming out of HS, then the likelihood of us getting struck a 3rd time is pretty much nil. We might need a new long term QB (or not) but we most likely aren't seeing a top 5 QB com
  14. Hopefully Williams as the primary to see if last week was a fluke or if we really have something. The fact that I picked him up in fantasy this week totally doesn't influence my answer here ;)
  15. He went to Alabama.... Dan Snyder ain't gonna let him go anywhere! They love their Tide boys
  16. Lol, he also has 2 brothers in the NFL. Sometimes genetics just win. Sorry you didn't hit the genetic lottery, but there's zero evidence to suggest JJ is abusing PEDs. Your 40 years of pumping iron are irrelevant to that. Kudos to your dedication, though.
  17. I've only really noticed him because he's been giving up completions while being right in his man's face in good position. Then today happened. Woof.
  18. Looking around the forum today (and after any loss, really) I have to disagree. There are a lot of soft fans around these parts. So many fickle Colts fans. A quick glimpse around the board and you can see calls to cut Ebron, cut Cain, cut Quincy, sit Jacoby, Ballard=Grigson, etc. None of those were being discussed (except by the CK cult) before today's game. It takes one bad game for pitchforks to come out and entire histories to be erased. Soft. Pathetic. Embarrassing. Dumb. I understand not being happy about the play today... But some of the children posting in here is ridiculous.
  19. Glad we have the division win against Tennessee, but having both our losses in conference is not ideal. Next week's KC matchup likely won't do is any favors there. Should be interesting, though!
  20. Part of the problem Minkah has with the Dolphins is that they're using him as a SS. I don't think we'd want to move Malik into the box, and we have Kenny manning the slot. Not sure where Minkah would fit in, starter-wise, on our team. Though if I remember correctly, during his draft process people RAVED about his character and leadership, so that would definitely fit into the locker room. I don't see us making a move. Especially if Miami is trying to ask for a 1st rounder.
  21. I'll be there! Coming in with my wife and toddler from Chicago area and meeting one of my buddies and his girlfriend who are coming up from Kentucky. He's a Falcons fan and our birthdays are the 15th and 16th this month, so it's kind of a birthday gift for each of us. Section 451 Row 1. Ready to celebrate my son's first game with a W!
  22. I thought Lewis was inactive yesterday?
  23. No thanks. Long injury history, not super efficient, and paying draft picks and a top 3 salary for a RB that has struggled to maintain 4.0ypc doesn't really entice me. Wouldn't mind taking a RB on day 2 in next year's draft, unless Mack just balls out. But no way I'm paying what it will take for Gordon.
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