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  1. I think we can compete against Seattle. I wouldn't hand them that game. Denver is on a roll and presents different challenges.
  2. I don't think this is a suprise to anyone, but Ballard will get carries. Bradshaw's experience combined with his blocking and catching ability should have him as the starter.
  3. 10-12 wins is about right. The playoffs with a win is what I'm looking for this year. GO COLTS!!
  4. I would love for them to win this year. We have the pieces in place. We are young and I feel like winning the division and a playoff game are more realistic, but the sky is the limit with the talent we have.
  5. Colts have only improved since last year. More experience and more athletic on both sides of the ball. Count the rookies we drafted and aside from injuries we will NOT take a step back.
  6. Can't argue Fleener with Pep aboard. I would love for DHB to break out to open up single coverage on Wayne and Fleener. Again with a improved running attack this will be the case anyway. I feel defensively is where we will improve tremendously. Lots of playmakers on board.
  7. Pep knows Andrews strengths.....bottom line. He will put him in a position to do what he does best. I see Andrew being more efficient and spreading the ball around even more. NO worries here at all.
  8. Colts go to the Super Bowl first. We have LUCK on our side!!
  9. I have a Wayne home. I want a Luck home and away. I'll take a Landry or Bradshaw home and away.
  10. I have no problem with him being #23. He'll be lower than that each year to come.
  11. Bradshaw. Ballard is a hard runner and can get tough yards, but Bradshaw is proven in the league. If 100% healthy, he will rip it up this year.
  12. Collie needs to take his time coming back. I would really like for him to finish the season healthy.
  13. I don't know about DROY. He's got a chance of course, but there are some top-notch talents in the league this year. We'll see.
  14. My favorite QB right now. Will win multiple Super Bowls before its all said and done.
  15. If Bradshaw is not running until July then so be it. Let him rest. A 100% Bradshaw is what we need. His leadership and experience will be key.
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