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  1. DB is not #2. Cant catch, scared to block and easily tackled.
  2. DB might of been the 2nd best back on the team (arguable) last year but he is 3rd or 4th now. Screw it DB just sux.
  3. To bad he is not the best back when it counts............not that I believe he has been the best back this pre-season.
  4. I have never read any post you made that I agree with.
  5. How do you know the Colts can not run the ball? This is a new year, new line, new OC and a new RB.
  6. The Texans may not be getting old in age but their story "this is the Texans year" sure is old.
  7. Brown could not of had a thousand yards as he was hurt again and again and again.
  8. Well maybe he will not be as scared tackling the ball carrier as he is of being tackled.
  9. People do not bash DB because he is not a "home run hitter". People bash him because he is tackled easily, drops to many balls when open, does not block well, often injured, soft and has no moves once past the LOS. I saw him turn away from a block this past game. As contact was about to be made DB turns completely side way to avoid the contact. I would not be at all surprised if DB does not make this roster.
  10. I don't know about DB leaking out unless you are referring to the ball leaking out of his hands. DB just seems to drop balls in the flat.
  11. It is worthy. The guy did the same thing in college and was called out on it. He was not hustling on the play in question....jogging after QB. I am sure it will show up on film and be addressed.
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