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  1. I was hoping for something more specific. Was he running/cutting, doing leg presses, etc.?
  2. Do we know what Robert actually did that caused the injury? I still have never heard.
  3. Mike Chappell ‏@mchappell51 3m Pagano: Unbalanced O-line vs. Philly. It's something you're going to want to have. Ball control, sustained drives important
  4. I don't think that the premise of this thread is correct. The guys that were reinstated had done recreational drugs, not drugs classified as PED's. In Welker's case the drug that he tested positive for is being reclassified from PED to recreational, but only during the off-season. I have not read the full policy, but that is my understanding. And, btw, there isn't a "would've". If he would've been reinstated than he WILL be reinstated. Just because he's on IR doesn't mean that they still couldn't lift his ban on being at the team facility and speaking with other members of the organizat
  5. Regardless I wouldn't think that many would argue that Tom Moore would be a huge upgrade, over Pep, Chud and anyone else that is currently involved. He would bring in a Ferrari and give the keys to #12.
  6. Maybe he is. I don't know enough about Chud to conclude that he's the best answer, personally. Is he a spread-it-out type of coach, or another disciple of the old ground-n-pound philosophy?
  7. Tom Moore is still out there. I'm sure Bruce and the Cardinals would let him leave for the opportunity to be an OC again. I'd bet anything it's in his contract, actually. Just sayin'.
  8. What kind of offense does he run? I never paid much attention to any of his teams.
  9. A lot of Purdue fans on this board, obviously.
  10. What happened in 2009? 13 games, 450 yards? That's pretty ugly. Was he playing hurt?
  11. What drives me crazy is the growing rumblings in the media that somehow Donald Brown is performing better than Trent and is therefore somehow the better back. When Brown is in Pep runs completely different formations. It's like Brown is playing in a entirely different offense. It makes the comparisons completely apples to oranges meaningless. Give Trent a couple of drives where you're calling plays as if he is Donald Brown instead of running him in the I-Form every frickin' play and let's see how he does. Why is that so hard? And why does it take 8 frickin' weeks to discover the screen p
  12. So Luck isn't trying to hit his receivers in stride when they're open for a big gain? It seems to me that you're taking an observation and turning it into a criticism that it never was, that's all.
  13. Lynch was nothing special in Buffalo. He topped 1000 yards in his first two seasons, but barely, and then tanked in his next two. When he was traded away Fred Jackson took over and didn't miss a beat, and frankly looked like the better back behind the same offensive line.
  14. It seems like a fair observation, being that the premise of the thread is that Pep called a masterful opening drive that wasn't executed as well as it should have been.
  15. The play action on the first play of the game better have worked, Pep had been setting it up for 7 games.
  16. The more attention people give Wells, the more relevant he becomes. He gets followers by retweeting Chappell, Kravitz and the other real members of the Indianapolis media. Unfortunately, they occasionally respond to his tweets at them, which broadcasts all of his tweets to their followers. On the surface, you see a guy that writes for a site called "Stampede Blue" and following him seems like a no brainer. Hopefully at some point Indy media learns their lesson and ignores this guy.
  17. Nike sucks, but most products usually won't wear out if you hang them to dry, rather than run them through the dryer.
  18. I don't remember when he was asked, but it was based on the premise of a healthy Manning. Dungy also said that he'd take RGIII over Luck, prior to the 2012 draft, and that Jim Caldwell would remain head coach. He's a great guy and I love the man, but he's completely loopy. With that said, if there is anyone that can be as good or better than Manning, Luck is the guy to do it.
  19. Age was not a factor in the context that was being discussed. They were talking about a single season. Rodney Harrison was clearly in disbelief and asked for clarification, if I recall.
  20. Dungy also said last year that he would take Rodgers over a healthy Manning.
  21. And there is absolutely no way, no chance that he is ever going to comment on one team when he still has another game before that one. His focus right now is on the Jaguars. He won't answer any Colts related questions until next week, and I doubt any media will be asking until then, anyway.
  22. Finally some 3 receiver sets and downfield throws. I hope it's not too late.
  23. Well, they didn't cut a guy that was busted with an unregistered firearm in the last city that you even want to carry a registered firearm. Oh, and he ran from police. Most people would consider that a risk. How many chances is La'Von Brazill on now? Three? Montori Hughes has already been mentioned. Then there is the Rogers kid that we just signed, but at least he is just on the practice squad, for now. I have no idea if there were any warning signs for Boyett, but I can tell you that NFL organizations don't mess around when it comes to doing their background research. Maybe by NFL
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