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  1. BIG congratulations to John Bratton, a.k.a "The Original". He took home the trophy of #ColtsNation Bracket Challenge SuperFan! I want to thank everyone who voted and supported me, as well as everyone who voted for ANY of the representatives chosen! Way to go John!
  2. Okay #ColtsNation and Fan Forum members...I can really use your help. I am WAY behind in voting for this final round. The voting process was kinda screwed up and offline for 24 hours, and a lot of people got frustrated by not being able to vote. I am asking for your vote again!! Go to http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.htmland vote!! I hope you will vote for #TubaGuy!! Thank you!! http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2500-image09082013154509/ http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2501-tubaguy-1/
  3. To tell you the truth Gramz, I don't really know! The Colts picked 8 "SuperFans" to go head-to-head in a fan-voted bracket challenge. I honestly don't know if there is anything beyond bragging rights or not! But it's been a lot of fun! And ANY of the 8 fans picked would have been a good winner!! Now that it's down to 2...sure...I hope it's me!! But I wouldn't be too disappointed if it's John. He's a good guy, and a GREAT fan!
  4. The final round is here!! The final TWO SuperFans are John "The Original" Bratton and myself, Ray "TubaGuy" Bridges. John has been a season-ticket holder from the very beginning, indicated by his nickname. I have been a season-ticket holder since we moved to Indy in 1987. I would LOVE to have your votes and support! Besides being TubaGuy at all home games for 20+ years, I am also a former moderator here on the Fan Forum a number of years ago! Hopefully I didn't "ban" too many of you! LOL! You can find the Bracket Challenge at http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.html. Click on the link and vote! It's THAT easy!! Again, I would love you have your vote and support, but as fans of #ColtsNation I hope you all go and vote for one or the other of us! Thank you! http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2500-image09082013154509/
  5. The voting is coming down to the final few days for the Final Four round of #ColtsNation #BracketChallenge. The voting is definitely heating up AND tightening up! If you haven't voted, go vote!! I'd love to have your vote and support, but vote!! 4 great candidates...voting goes thru Sunday which will get it down to the final 2. Then next week you will be voting for the Ultimate #ColtsNation SuperFan!! Thanks, and again, I would love your vote and support!! http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.html http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2550-tubaguy-5k/ http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2551-tubaguy-2/ http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2501-tubaguy-1/
  6. Over the next few days, the Colts will tweet out a tweet specifically for each of the Final Four SuperFan candidates. I encourage EVERYONE here to watch the video segments if you haven't already! Some great fans and stories! And some great representatives of ALL of the fans of #ColtsNation!! Again, I would love to have YOUR vote and support for #ColtsNation Superfan! But even if you don't vote for me, vote for 1 of the 4! Let your voice be heard!! The Final Four round ends on Sunday, and next week will be the final vote between the Final Two!! http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.html?campaign=social_20150323_42540896&adbid=577472009250037760&adbpl=tw&adbpr=180884045&adbid=10153745834785110&adbpl=fb&adbpr=133691530109 http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2499-b66attwcmaa7o8u/ http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2498-banner/
  7. At today's NFL Owner's Meetings, Kraft was asked about Deflategate. He replied "I know there is no smoking gun here." He also thinks Goodell has a tough job but he's not thrilled with some in league office. Asked for my comments, I replied "Hahahahahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Asked for comments from the league office, the sound of crickets was heard... http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2513-brady-3/
  8. We're down to the Final Four!! I'm happy to say that I've made it thru to the next round. I will be going head-to-head this week against "The Enforcers" - Legion of Blue and COLT_Warrior. The other bracket is Brock Easley vs. "The Original" (John Bratton). I encourage everyone to go to Colts.com and place your votes. Here is the link... http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.html I hope to get your votes for this round, but I encourage you to go and VOTE!! (Even if not for me!!) VOTE TUBAGUY!! http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2500-image09082013154509/
  9. And thanks mods for moving this to the correct forum! I had a brain cramp when I created it!
  10. If you want to eliminate them, then eliminate them. Add an extra offensive play to the game after every score. I'm not saying I want that. I like kickoffs. But the only drama now is whether the kicker will be able to drill it between the uprights from the tee. As far as injuries, injuries are a part of the game. Every player knows the risk. If you don't want to take the chance of being injured, then don't play the game. They had kick returns for how many decades before this?? C'mon, we're making the league more and more like flag football. Bring the kickoffs back. I know there is a chance of injury. If they want to pay me the league minimum, I'll go out and run returns.
  11. Bring back the kick returns!!! I don't know why they don't just go out and place the ball down at the 20. I know they claim injuries are a big reason the moved the kickoffs to the 35, but injuries are a part of the game. And these kickoffs are downright boring. BRING BACK THE RETURN GAME!!!
  12. Thanks to all of the support so far! I know a number of forum members have cast their vote for me!! Thanks to those that have, and I hope a lot of you still will! First round voting goes thru Sunday night. So if you haven't voted, VOTE!! Vote for TUBAGUY!! If you don't vote for me, vote for one of the others!! Thank you again! http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2501-tubaguy-1/
  13. Okay forum fans...I need your help AND your votes!!! Hey, help a former mod out!!! We made it through the XLI and "toss the perfect record out" season together!! I can use your help now. Click on http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.htmland give me your vote. I'd love to make it to the next round!! Thanks!! http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2499-b66attwcmaa7o8u/
  14. Okay fans, here is the link to the entire SuperFan Bracket Challenge! I would appreciate your vote and support in this first round!! And once you vote, share it on FB and Twitter!! Thanks again!! Here is the link for #Colts SuperFan voting! #TubaGuy can use your help!! Vote & RT! Thanks! http://www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/ColtsNationBracket.html http://forums.colts.com/gallery/image/2500-image09082013154509/
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